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Social Media Day 2018

Saturday 30th June 2018

Social media has had an incredible impact on global communication; it has revolutionized the ways in which we share and connect, debate and discuss, and stand together in global movements. Social Media Day recognizes and celebrates this impact and the growing influence of social media on global communication.

Join us in celebrating Social Media Day by letting us know what social media means to you. Follow Routledge Media, Cultural and Communication Studies on Twitter and tell us how social media has influenced you or the way that you communicate and express yourself! Remember to tag us and use the hashtags #WhatSocialMediaMeanstoMe and #SMDay

We also spoke to some of our authors to find out more about their thoughts on social media and how it has influenced them. Here's what they said:

“I'm hooked on Twitter: I use it to connect with students--past and present--colleagues, and artists. I allow Twitter participation in my rap classes and share pedagogical ideas with fellow teachers. Hip hop culture unfolds in real time on social media--take Kanye West's recent philosophical musings, or the Pusha T/Drake beef--so it's crucial to be connected.”
Michael Berry, author of Listening to Rap

“Since its evolution, social media has proved invaluable to magazine publishing. Not only does it help editors in their quest to widen audience participation - thus raising circulation figures - it also acts as a tool for signposting valuable content, giving writers the recognition they deserve. To be successful in the digital age titles need to put as much investment into their social media strategy as they do overall content.”
Mary Hogarth, author of
Business Strategies for Magazine Publishing

As one of our Featured Authors, we recently interviewed Mary Hogarth. Read the full interview and find out how you can access a free chapter of Business Strategies for Magazine Publishing by clicking the button below.

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Navigating Your Success in Social Media: 5 Key Tips for Authors Using Social Media

As an author, you are the face of your work, and the information you share on social media can help you gain exposure and encourage your work’s sales. When used effectively, social media can be a powerful tool to help spark interest in your work, convey crucial information in real-time, and foster genuine, direct connections with your readers and potential readers.

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How did Social Media Day start?

Social Media Day was first recognized in 2010 by digital publisher Mashable. Click the button below to find out more about Social Media Day and how it is celebrated across the globe.

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