Cultural Studies: Book Series

Routledge Studies in Hip Hop and Religion

Series Editors:

Routledge Studies in Hip Hop and Religion advances critical issues in hip hop and religion studies with particular focus on and attention to the category of religion, highlighting and bringing together a diverse set of voices, perspectives, and approaches. Books in this series contribute to dynamic conversations across a wide field of inquiry, including: theory and method for the study of hip hop and religion; the role of technology and new media in the development of hip hop culture and the mediation of meaning; aesthetics/performance of hip hop and the cosmology and performance of social belief; hip hop, religion and embodiment; identity formation as cultural/religious process and strategic/tactical operational acts; the role of hip hop in faith institutions; and hip hop, religion, and gender/class/sexuality/politics.

The key objectives of the series are:

(1) To offer an expansive contribution to the field of hip hop and religion studies that explores critical issues and formative questions that engage a variety of hip hop cultural products and sources, especially those that make use of the tools, methods, and approaches in the academic study of religion.

(2) To offer a space for research monographs and edited collections that will be of continued use to scholars in the field, graduate students, and, when possible, undergraduate audiences in the academic study of religion and beyond.

(3) To provide critical roadmaps exploring and explaining major topics, questions, data, and critical trends in the study of hip hop and religion and the changing and expanding academic engagements with it.