Development Studies: Book Series

Routledge-SCORAI Studies in Sustainable Consumption

Series Editors:

The past decade has seen a remarkable increase in academic and policy interest in the notion of sustainable consumption, particularly as the implementation challenges associated with a substantive international agreement on climate protection have become apparent.

Comprising edited collections, co-authored volumes and single author monographs, Routledge-SCORAI Studies in Sustainable Consumption aims to continue this process of intellectual consolidation, while simultaneously advancing conceptual and empirical contributions to this new and important field of study. In particular, this series will explore key issues such as the emergence of new modes of household provisioning, the evolution toward post-consumerist systems of social organization, novel approaches to consumption governance and innovative business models for sustainable lifestyles.

If you are interested in submitting a proposal, please contact Annabelle Harris, Editor for Environment and Sustainability: [email protected] 

The Sustainable Consumption Research and Action Initiative (SCORAI) is an international knowledge network of approximately 1000 scholars and policy practitioners working at the interface of material consumption, human well-being, and technological and cultural change. For more information about SCORAI and its activities please visit