Development Studies: Book Series

Routledge Studies in Sport Development

Series Editors:

The Routledge Studies in Sport Development series showcases high-calibre work within the vibrant, diverse and rapidly expanding field of sport and development. It includes books in two broad areas. Firstly, the development of sport, focusing on the various ways in which sport is delivered, for example through building sport facilities, training coaches and athletes, improving sport performance, increasing public participation in sport, and strengthening the governance, management, marketing and delivery of sport. Secondly, sport for development and peace (SDP), examining how sport is used for different non-sporting social benefits, such as peace building and conflict reduction, health education, gender empowerment, community development, tackling crime, improving education, promoting ‘positive youth development’, and advancing the social inclusion of marginal populations. The series is committed to diversity in theory and method, is multi-disciplinary in approach, and includes work centring on local, national and transnational issues and processes, and on the global North and/or South.