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  • Creative Approaches to Teaching Primary RE book cover

    Creative Approaches to Teaching Primary RE

    1st Edition

    By Maggie Webster

    As an increasingly significant  aspect of primary teaching, Creative Approaches to Teaching Primary RE is the essential companion to help bring creativity to life in the classroom. The text begins with a discussion of creative education and the value of Religious Education, moving on to…

    eBook – 2014-06-11

  • Dictionary of Ethics, Theology and Society book cover

    Dictionary of Ethics, Theology and Society

    1st Edition

    By Paul A. B. Clarke, Andrew Linzey

    This Dictionary provides a unique and groundbreaking survey of both the historical and contemporary interrelations between ethics, theology and society. In over 250 separately-authored entries, a selection of the world's leading scholars from many disciplines and many denominations present their…

    eBook – 2013-11-05

  • Cross-Cultural Issues in Art: Frames for Understanding book cover

    Cross-Cultural Issues in Art

    Frames for Understanding, 1st Edition

    By Steven Leuthold

    Cross-Cultural Issues in Art provides an engaging introduction to aesthetic concepts, expanding the discussion beyond the usual Western theorists and Western examples. Steven Leuthold discusses both contemporary and historical issues and examples, incorporating a range of detailed case studies…

    eBook – 2010-12-16

  • Early Christianity book cover

    Early Christianity

    1st Edition

    By Mark Humphries

    Examining sources and case studies, this book explores early Christianity, how it was studied, how it is studied now, and how Judaeo-Christian values came to form the ideological bedrock of modern western culture. Looking at the diverse source materials available, from the earliest New Testament…

    eBook – 2006-04-18
    Classical Foundations

  • Mark's Gospel book cover

    Mark's Gospel

    1st Edition

    By John Painter

    Mark's 'biography' of Jesus is the earliest of the four gospels, and influenced them all. The distinctive feature of this biography is the quality of 'good news', which presupposes a world dominated by the forces of evil.John Painter shows how the rhetorical and dramatic shaping of the book…

    eBook – 2005-06-20
    New Testament Readings

  • The Hindu World book cover

    The Hindu World

    1st Edition

    Edited by Sushil Mittal, Gene Thursby

    The Hindu World is the most complete, authoritative and up-to-date one-volume guide to Hindu faith and culture available today. With twenty-four dedicated chapters written by the world's leading Hinduism scholars, it elucidates the history, philosophy and practice of one of the world's great…

    eBook – 2004-08-02
    Routledge Worlds

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