E-books: Museum and Heritage Studies

  • Mark's Gospel book cover

    Mark's Gospel

    1st Edition

    By John Painter

    Mark's 'biography' of Jesus is the earliest of the four gospels, and influenced them all. The distinctive feature of this biography is the quality of 'good news', which presupposes a world dominated by the forces of evil.John Painter shows how the rhetorical and dramatic shaping of the book…

    eBook – 2005-06-20
    New Testament Readings

  • Museum Provision and Professionalism book cover

    Museum Provision and Professionalism

    1st Edition

    Edited by Gaynor Kavanagh

    Museums are public places where objects, images and memories are kept and shared. They exist in infinite variety and contradiction. They can be places of great excitement and great boredom, sharply insightful and hopelessly bland. Museums are anything that the political climate and the imagination…

    eBook – 2005-06-20
    Leicester Readers in Museum Studies

  • Heritage, Museums and Galleries: An Introductory Reader book cover

    Heritage, Museums and Galleries

    An Introductory Reader, 1st Edition

    Edited by Gerard Corsane

    Bringing the reader the very best of modern scholarship from the heritage community, this comprehensive reader outlines and explains the many diverse issues that have been identified and brought to the fore in the field of heritage, museums and galleries over the past couple of decades. The volume…

    eBook – 2004-11-10

  • The Hindu World book cover

    The Hindu World

    1st Edition

    Edited by Sushil Mittal, Gene Thursby

    The Hindu World is the most complete, authoritative and up-to-date one-volume guide to Hindu faith and culture available today. With twenty-four dedicated chapters written by the world's leading Hinduism scholars, it elucidates the history, philosophy and practice of one of the world's great…

    eBook – 2004-08-02
    Routledge Worlds

  • Elements of Archaeological Conservation book cover

    Elements of Archaeological Conservation

    1st Edition

    By J.M. Cronyn

    Clearly laid out and fully illustrated, this is the only comprehensive book on the subject at an introductory level. Perfect as a practical reference book for professional and students who work with excavated materials, and as an introduction for those training as archaeological conservators.…

    eBook – 2003-07-13

  • Museum Exhibition: Theory and Practice book cover

    Museum Exhibition

    Theory and Practice, 1st Edition

    By David Dean

    Museum Exhibition is the only textbook of its kind to consider exhibition development using both theory and practice in an integrated approach. This comprehensive study covers care of exhibits, writing accompanying text, using new technology, exhibition evaluation, administration and content for a…

    eBook – 2002-09-11
    Heritage: Care-Preservation-Management

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