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  • Practicing Art/Science: Experiments in an Emerging Field book cover

    Practicing Art/Science

    Experiments in an Emerging Field, 1st Edition

    Edited by Philippe Sormani, Guelfo Carbone, Priska Gisler

    Over the last two decades, multiple initiatives of transdisciplinary collaboration across art, science, and technology have seen the light of day. Why, by whom, and under what circumstances are such initiatives promoted? What does their experimental character look like - and what can be learned,…

    eBook – 2018-07-11
    Routledge Advances in Sociology

  • Photography and the Contemporary Cultural Condition: Commemorating the Present book cover

    Photography and the Contemporary Cultural Condition

    Commemorating the Present, 1st Edition

    By Peter D. Osborne

    In this book, Osborne demonstrates why and how photography as photography has survived and flourished since the rise of digital processes, when many anticipated its dissolution into a generalised system of audio-visual representations or its collapse under the relentless overload of digital imagery…

    eBook – 2018-06-28
    Routledge Advances in Art and Visual Studies

  • Unexpected Affinities: The History of Type in Architectural Project from Laugier to Duchamp book cover

    Unexpected Affinities

    The History of Type in Architectural Project from Laugier to Duchamp, 1st Edition

    By Pablo Meninato

    While the concept of "type" has been present in architectural discourse since its formal introduction at the end of the eighteenth century, its role in the development of architectural projects has not been comprehensively analyzed. This book proposes a reassessment of architectural type throughout…

    eBook – 2018-05-23

  • The Persistence of Taste: Art, Museums and Everyday Life After Bourdieu book cover

    The Persistence of Taste

    Art, Museums and Everyday Life After Bourdieu, 1st Edition

    Edited by Malcolm Quinn, Dave Beech, Michael Lehnert, Carol Tulloch, Stephen Wilson

    This book offers an interdisciplinary analysis of the social practice of taste in the wake of Pierre Bourdieu’s sociology of taste. For the first time, this book unites sociologists and other social scientists with artists and curators, art theorists and art educators, and art, design and cultural…

    eBook – 2018-05-11

  • Remaking the Readymade: Duchamp, Man Ray, and the Conundrum of the Replica book cover

    Remaking the Readymade

    Duchamp, Man Ray, and the Conundrum of the Replica, 1st Edition

    By Adina Kamien-Kazhdan

    Replication and originality are central concepts in the artistic oeuvres of Marcel Duchamp and Man Ray. Remaking the Readymade reveals the underlying and previously unexplored processes and rationales for the collaboration between Duchamp, Man Ray, and Arturo Schwarz on the replication of…

    eBook – 2018-05-11
    Studies in Surrealism

  • Time in the History of Art: Temporality, Chronology and Anachrony book cover

    Time in the History of Art

    Temporality, Chronology and Anachrony, 1st Edition

    Edited by Dan Karlholm, Keith Moxey

    Addressed to students of the image—both art historians and students of visual studies—this book investigates the history and nature of time in a variety of different environments and media as well as the temporal potential of objects. Essays will analyze such topics as the disparities of power that…

    eBook – 2018-04-27
    Studies in Art Historiography

  • The Evolution of the Image: Political Action and the Digital Self book cover

    The Evolution of the Image

    Political Action and the Digital Self, 1st Edition

    Edited by Marco Bohr, Basia Sliwinska

    This volume addresses the evolution of the visual in digital communities, offering a multidisciplinary discussion of the ways in which images are circulated in digital communities, the meanings that are attached to them and the implications they have for notions of identity, memory, gender,…

    eBook – 2018-03-13
    Routledge Advances in Art and Visual Studies

  • Remixing and Drawing: Sources, Influences, Styles book cover

    Remixing and Drawing

    Sources, Influences, Styles, 1st Edition

    By Ellen Mueller

    This succinct book articulates a clear framework for remixing in drawing at intermediate and advanced levels. It begins by walking through the ideas of copyright and fair use, providing context, examples, and advice. Mueller directs students through building a collection of sources and…

    eBook – 2018-03-06

  • Feminist Perspectives on Art: Contemporary Outtakes book cover

    Feminist Perspectives on Art

    Contemporary Outtakes, 1st Edition

    Edited by Jacqueline Millner, Catriona Moore

    When the body is foregrounded in artwork – as in much contemporary performance, sculptural installation and video work – so is gendered and sexualised difference. Feminist Perspectives on Art: Contemporary Outtakes looks to interactions between art history, theory, curation, and studio-based…

    eBook – 2018-02-01

  • Michael Fried and Philosophy: Modernism, Intention, and Theatricality book cover

    Michael Fried and Philosophy

    Modernism, Intention, and Theatricality, 1st Edition

    Edited by Mathew Abbott

    This volume brings philosophers, art historians, intellectual historians, and literary scholars together to argue for the philosophical significance of Michael Fried’s art history and criticism. It demonstrates that Fried’s work on modernism, artistic intention, the ontology of art, theatricality,…

    eBook – 2018-01-29
    Routledge Research in Aesthetics

  • Perception and Agency in Shared Spaces of Contemporary Art book cover

    Perception and Agency in Shared Spaces of Contemporary Art

    1st Edition

    Edited by Cristina Albu, Dawna Schuld

    This book examines the interconnections between art, phenomenology, and cognitive studies. Contributors question the binary oppositions generally drawn between visuality and agency, sensing and thinking, phenomenal art and politics, phenomenology and structuralism, and subjective involvement and…

    eBook – 2017-12-15
    Routledge Advances in Art and Visual Studies

  • Shakespeare, Caravaggio, and the Indistinct Regard book cover

    Shakespeare, Caravaggio, and the Indistinct Regard

    1st Edition

    By Rocco Coronato

    This volume presents a contrastive study of the overlapping careers of Shakespeare and Caravaggio through the comparison of their strikingly similar conventional belief in symbol and the centrality of the subject, only to gradually open it up in an exaltation of multiplicity and the "indistinct…

    eBook – 2017-10-31
    Anglo-Italian Renaissance Studies

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