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  • Through Other Eyes: Essays In Understanding

    Through Other Eyes

    Essays In Understanding ""Conscious Models"", 1st Edition

    By Barbara E. Ward

    It was on the basis of her ethnography of the boat-people in Hong Kong that Barbara Ward developed her interpretations of 'conscious models' in the Chinese context. The boat-people are the indigenes of the region around the present city of Canton, and were the original inhabitants of the area now…

    eBook – 2020-01-31

  • The Co-opting of Education by Extremist Factions: Professing Hate book cover

    The Co-opting of Education by Extremist Factions

    Professing Hate, 1st Edition

    By Sarah Gendron

    The Co-opting of Education by Extremist Factions: Professing Hate is a study of the ways in which various extremist groups have appropriated education for social manipulation in order to gain political power, and, in some cases, to incite violence. It is a detailed exploration of case studies…

    eBook – 2020-01-31
    Routledge Studies in Modern History

  • China Income Distribution Research book cover

    China Income Distribution Research

    1st Edition

    By Renwei Zhao

    China has experienced radical societal change since the initiation of the reform and openness programme in 1978. These changes have brought about significant income discrepancy between regions, social classes and generations; rendering the fair distribution of income an ever more important…

    eBook – 2020-01-30
    China Perspectives

  • Gandhi In Contemporary Times book cover

    Gandhi In Contemporary Times

    1st Edition

    Edited by S K Srivastava, Ashok Vohra

    This volume brings together essays which discuss and contextualise Gandhi’s ideas on pluralism, religious identity, non-violence, satyagraha, and modernity. It interrogates the epistemic foundations of Gandhian thinking and weltanschauung, identifies diverse strands within his arguments, and gives…

    eBook – 2020-01-30
    Routledge India

  • Routledge Handbook of Korean Politics and Public Administration book cover

    Routledge Handbook of Korean Politics and Public Administration

    1st Edition

    Edited by Chung-in Moon, M. Jae Moon

    The Routledge Handbook of Korean Politics and Public Administration gathers the expertise of leading international scholars to survey the full spectrum of contemporary South Korean international relations, public management, and public policies. Divided into four parts, the handbook covers a range…

    eBook – 2020-01-29

  • Opportunities and Challenges for the Greater Mekong Subregion: Building a Shared Vision of Our River book cover

    Opportunities and Challenges for the Greater Mekong Subregion

    Building a Shared Vision of Our River, 1st Edition

    Edited by Charles Samuel Johnston, Xin Chen

    The Mekong River is a vital and valuable resource, with huge development potential for the six states through which it flows. Given the significant asymmetry of power between those states, however, there is a real risk that some might utilise it to the detriment of others. Without a sense of…

    eBook – 2020-01-29
    Routledge Studies on the Asia-Pacific Region

  • Tagore, Nationalism and Cosmopolitanism: Perceptions, Contestations and Contemporary Relevance book cover

    Tagore, Nationalism and Cosmopolitanism

    Perceptions, Contestations and Contemporary Relevance, 1st Edition

    Edited by Mohammad A. Quayum

    This book is a fresh examination of Rabindranath Tagore’s ideas on nationalism and his rhetoric of cosmopolitanism. It critically analyses the poetics and the politics of his works and specifically responds to Tagore’s three lectures on nationalism delivered during the early years of the twentieth…

    eBook – 2020-01-29
    Routledge India

  • Vietnam And The Soviet Union: Anatomy Of An Alliance book cover

    Vietnam And The Soviet Union

    Anatomy Of An Alliance, 1st Edition

    By Douglas Pike

    Examining the long and turbulent relationship between Vietnam and the Soviet Union, Douglas Pike traces its political, economic, and diplomatic history from the Bolshevik Revolution to today's deep and intricate alliance. He not only explores this extraordinary relationship but also outlines its…

    eBook – 2020-01-28

  • Riots And Victims: Violence And The Construction Of Communal Identity Among Bengali Muslims, 1905-1947 book cover

    Riots And Victims

    Violence And The Construction Of Communal Identity Among Bengali Muslims, 1905-1947, 1st Edition

    By Patricia A. Gossman, Patricia A. Grossman

    In recent decades, the world has witnessed the emergence of several protracted violent conflicts and the eruption of ethnic and communal violence in countries such as Bosnia, Rwanda, and Sri Lanka. Riots and Victims challenges the popular academic interpretation of such events as examples of tribal…

    eBook – 2020-01-28

  • The Crafts and Capitalism: Handloom Weaving Industry in Colonial India book cover

    The Crafts and Capitalism

    Handloom Weaving Industry in Colonial India, 1st Edition

    By Tirthankar Roy

    This book presents a comprehensive history of handloom weaving industry in India to challenge and revise the view that competition from machine-produced textiles destroyed the country’s handicrafts as claimed by historians until recently. It shows that skill-intensive handmade textiles survived the…

    eBook – 2020-01-28
    Routledge India

  • Chaoxianzu Entrepreneurs in Korea: Searching for Citizenship in the Ethnic Homeland book cover

    Chaoxianzu Entrepreneurs in Korea

    Searching for Citizenship in the Ethnic Homeland, 1st Edition

    By Park Woo

    This book explores the nature of the state-citizen societal relationship in Korea during the transition to neoliberalism, through the lenses of class and nationalism. Examining the process by which a new class, Korean Chinese entrepreneurs, emerged from Korean Chinese enclaves in South Korea and…

    eBook – 2020-01-28
    Routledge Focus on Asia

  • Lovers of God: Sufism and the Politics of Islam in Medieval India book cover

    Lovers of God

    Sufism and the Politics of Islam in Medieval India, 1st Edition

    By Raziuddin Aquil

    This book addresses some of the fiercely contested issues about religion and politics in medieval India, especially with regard to the crucial presence of Sufis who styled themselves as friends and lovers of God. Enjoying widespread veneration even in situations of hostility with regard to Islam…

    eBook – 2020-01-24

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