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  • Deepening the EU-China Partnership: Bridging Institutional and Ideational Differences in an Unstable World book cover

    Deepening the EU-China Partnership

    Bridging Institutional and Ideational Differences in an Unstable World, 1st Edition

    Edited by Mario Telò, Ding Chun, Zhang Xiaotong

    The China-EC/EU relationship, started in 1975, is a highly institutionalized, multidimensional and complex, but to some extent controversial international partnership. It is also challenged within the current unstable world. This book addresses the convergences and the differences (ideational,…

    eBook – 2017-11-14
    Globalisation, Europe, and Multilateralism

  • Populism: An Introduction book cover


    An Introduction, 1st Edition

    By Manuel Anselmi

    Populism: An Introduction is the first introduction to the theme of populism. It will introduce the principal theories, definitions, models and contemporary debates. A number of global case studies will be used to illustrate the concept: • Russian populism; • Latin American populism; • Italian…

    eBook – 2017-08-16
    Key Ideas

  • The History of European Integration: A new perspective book cover

    The History of European Integration

    A new perspective, 1st Edition

    By Ivan T. Berend

    The foundation of the European Union was one of the most important historical events in the second half of the 20th century. In order to fully appreciate the modern state of the EU, it is crucial to understand the history of European integration. This accessible overview differs from other studies…

    eBook – 2016-05-20

  • The Global Financial Crisis: From US subprime mortgages to European sovereign debt book cover

    The Global Financial Crisis

    From US subprime mortgages to European sovereign debt, 1st Edition

    By George K. Zestos

    Although banking and sovereign debt crises are not unusual, the crisis that has unfolded across the world since 2007 has been unique in both its scale and scope. It has also been unusual in being both triggered by, and mainly affecting, developed economies. Starting with the US subprime mortgage…

    eBook – 2015-10-05

  • EU Climate Policy Explained book cover

    EU Climate Policy Explained

    1st Edition

    Edited by Jos Delbeke, Peter Vis

    The EU has been the region of the world where the most climate policies have been implemented, and where practical policy experimentation in the field of the environment and climate change has been taking place at a rapid pace over the last twenty-five years. This has led to considerable success in…

    eBook – 2015-10-05

  • Cohesion and Growth: The Theory and Practice of European Policy Making book cover

    Cohesion and Growth

    The Theory and Practice of European Policy Making, 1st Edition

    By Willem Molle

    To combat economic disparity and low growth, the European Union has established an integrated policy system that pursues increased cohesion and smart, sustainable, and inclusive growth. This integrated approach is realized through thousands of development projects and takes up more than a third of…

    eBook – 2015-05-15

  • The Atlantic Slave Trade in World History book cover

    The Atlantic Slave Trade in World History

    1st Edition

    By Jeremy Black

    In The Atlantic Slave Trade in World History, Jeremy Black presents a compact yet comprehensive survey of slavery and its impact on the world, primarily centered on the Atlantic trade. Opening with a clear discussion of the problems of defining slavery, the book goes on to investigate the Atlantic…

    eBook – 2015-03-12
    Themes in World History

  • The Democratic Predicament: Cultural Diversity in Europe and India book cover

    The Democratic Predicament

    Cultural Diversity in Europe and India, 1st Edition

    Edited by Jyotirmaya Tripathy, Sudarsan Padmanabhan

    Both India and Europe have been undergoing a difficult process of negotiating cultural, religious and ethnic diversity within their democratic frameworks. In fact, recent incidents of xenophobic backlash against multiculturalism and minority communities in Europe, as well as myriad movements for…

    eBook – 2014-03-14
    Routledge India

  • Football, Europe and the Press book cover

    Football, Europe and the Press

    1st Edition

    By Liz Crolley, David Hand

    This book examines the construction of national, regional, and group identities in the football journalism of five European countries: England, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. Notions of the respective national stereotypes are explored in each of the countries studied.…

    eBook – 2013-10-18
    Sport in the Global Society

  • Making European Masculinities: Sport, Europe, Gender book cover

    Making European Masculinities

    Sport, Europe, Gender, 1st Edition

    By J. A. Mangan

    As sport has grown, progressively replacing religion, in its power to excite passion, provide emotional escape, offer fraternal (and increasingly sororital) bonding, it has come to loom larger and larger in the lives of Europeans and others. It has become an inescapable reality linking public…

    eBook – 2013-10-08
    Sport in the Global Society

  • Identity and Cultural Diversity: What social psychology can teach us book cover

    Identity and Cultural Diversity

    What social psychology can teach us, 1st Edition

    By Maykel Verkuyten

    Identity and Cultural Diversity examines immigration and its effect on diversity from a social psychological perspective. Immigration increases cultural diversity and raises difficult questions of belonging, adaptation, and the unity of societies: questions of identity may be felt by people…

    eBook – 2013-08-22

  • Europe in Crisis: Bolt from the Blue? book cover

    Europe in Crisis

    Bolt from the Blue?, 1st Edition

    By Ivan Berend

    This book analyzes the European Great Recession of 2008-12, its economic and social causes, its historical roots, and the policies adopted by the European Union to find a way out of it. It contains explicit debates with several economists and analysts on some of the most controversial questions…

    eBook – 2012-11-12

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