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  • Solar Low Energy Houses of IEA Task 13 book cover

    Solar Low Energy Houses of IEA Task 13

    1st Edition

    By Robert Hastings

    The International Energy Agency's Task 13 is to advance solar building technologies. As part of that programme, 15 houses in 12 countries have been built to test new technologies and strategies for achieving low energy demand while maintaining a good indoor climate.;The principal strategies used…

    eBook – 2013-10-18

  • Design for the Changing Educational Landscape: Space, Place and the Future of Learning book cover

    Design for the Changing Educational Landscape

    Space, Place and the Future of Learning, 1st Edition

    By Andrew Harrison, Les Hutton

    The whole landscape of space use is undergoing a radical transformation. In the workplace a period of unprecedented change has created a mix of responses with one overriding outcome observable worldwide: the rise of distributed space. In the learning environment the social, political, economic and…

    eBook – 2013-10-15

  • The Modern Station: New Approaches to Railway Architecture book cover

    The Modern Station

    New Approaches to Railway Architecture, 1st Edition

    By Brian Edwards

    An exciting new generation of railway architecture has emerged in Europe and elsewhere over the past decade. This book explains the reasons for the renaissance of the station as a building type and the current changes it is undergoing. The functional, social and technical factors which shape…

    eBook – 2013-10-08
    Taylor & Francis

  • Making Leisure Work: Architecture and the Experience Economy book cover

    Making Leisure Work

    Architecture and the Experience Economy, 1st Edition

    By Brian Lonsway

    Contemporary architecture of theme-based design is examined in this book, leading to a new understanding of architecture's role in the increasingly diversified consumer environment. It explores the ‘Experience Economy’ to reveal how everyday environments strategically and opportunistically blur our…

    eBook – 2013-09-13

  • Materials and Meaning in Contemporary Japanese Architecture: Tradition and Today book cover

    Materials and Meaning in Contemporary Japanese Architecture

    Tradition and Today, 1st Edition

    By Dana Buntrock

    In this beautiful and perceptive book, Dana Buntrock examines, for the first time, how tradition is incorporated into contemporary Japanese architecture. Looking at the work of five architects – Fumihiko Maki, Terunobu Fujimori, Ryoji Suzuki, Kengo Kuma, and Jun Aoki – Buntrock reveals…

    eBook – 2013-09-13

  • The Sacred In-Between: The Mediating Roles of Architecture book cover

    The Sacred In-Between: The Mediating Roles of Architecture

    1st Edition

    By Thomas Barrie

    The sacred place was, and still is, an intermediate zone created in the belief that it has the ability to co-join the religious aspirants to their gods. An essential means of understanding this sacred architecture is through the recognition of its role as an ‘in-between’ place. Establishing the…

    eBook – 2013-09-13

  • New SubUrbanisms book cover

    New SubUrbanisms

    1st Edition

    By Judith K De Jong

    Historically, we see the city as the cramped, crumbling core of development and culture, and the suburb as the vast outlying wasteland – convenient, but vacant. Contemporary urban design proves this wrong. In New SubUrbanisms, Judith De Jong explains the on-going "flattening" of the American…

    eBook – 2013-09-11

  • Skins, Envelopes, and Enclosures: Concepts for Designing Building Exteriors book cover

    Skins, Envelopes, and Enclosures

    Concepts for Designing Building Exteriors, 1st Edition

    By Mayine L. Yu

    Integrate the best building envelope construction methods, materials science, and structural principles in your work using this book as a resource to help you… With more than seventy significant case studies located in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia from prehistory to the present,…

    eBook – 2013-08-22

  • Corrections and Collections: Architectures for Art and Crime book cover

    Corrections and Collections

    Architectures for Art and Crime, 1st Edition

    By Joe Day

    America holds more than two million inmates in its prisons and jails, and hosts more than two million daily visits to museums, figures which represent a ten-fold increase in the last twenty-five years. Corrections and Collections explores and connects these two massive expansions in our built…

    eBook – 2013-08-21

  • Architecture in Motion: The history and development of portable building book cover

    Architecture in Motion

    The history and development of portable building, 1st Edition

    By Robert Kronenburg

    The idea that architecture can be portable is one that grabs the imagination of both designers and the people who use it, perhaps because it so often forecasts a dynamic and creative solution to the complex problems of our contemporary mobile society, while at the same time dealing with issues…

    eBook – 2013-08-15

  • Nurseries: A Design Guide book cover

    Nurseries: A Design Guide

    1st Edition

    By Mark Dudek

    Architecture can inspire young children; the very shape and form of a daycare center can not only stimulate their imagination but can help children form strong relationships and help promote development. This design guide presents all the elements of building design that combine to create the very…

    eBook – 2013-08-06

  • The Spaces of the Hospital: Spatiality and Urban Change in London 1680-1820 book cover

    The Spaces of the Hospital

    Spatiality and Urban Change in London 1680-1820, 1st Edition

    By Dana Arnold

    The Spaces of the Hospital examines how hospitals operated as a complex category of social, urban and architectural space in London from 1680 to 1820. This period witnessed the transformation of the city into a modern metropolis. The hospital was very much part of this process and its spaces, both…

    eBook – 2013-07-24

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