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  • Rethinking Water Management: Innovative Approaches to Contemporary Issues book cover

    Rethinking Water Management

    Innovative Approaches to Contemporary Issues, 1st Edition

    Edited by Caroline Figueres, Johan Rockstrom, Cecilia Tortajada

    If water resources are to be distributed efficiently, equitably and cost-effectively in this rapidly changing world, then it is clear that current water management practices are no longer feasible. Innovative approaches are required to meet the increasing water demands of a growing world population…

    eBook – 2012-05-23

  • Climate Change: Financing Global Forests: The Eliasch Review book cover

    Climate Change: Financing Global Forests

    The Eliasch Review, 1st Edition

    By Johan Eliasch

    An area of forest the size of England is cut down in the tropics each year. Forestry is responsible for a fifth of global carbon emissions - more than the entire world transport sector. Urgent action to tackle the loss of global forests needs to be a central part of any new international agreement…

    eBook – 2012-05-23

  • Countryside Planning: New Approaches to Management and Conservation book cover

    Countryside Planning

    New Approaches to Management and Conservation, 1st Edition

    By Kevin Bishop, Adrian Phillips

    Not since the 19th century has the future of the countryside been such a focus of political and public attention, nor of profound uncertainty and anguished debate. A watershed has now been reached, and in this time of unprecedented change, new tools are needed for planning and managing the…

    eBook – 2012-05-23

  • The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity in Local and Regional Policy and Management book cover

    The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity in Local and Regional Policy and Management

    1st Edition

    Edited by Heidi Wittmer, Haripriya Gundimeda

    In this volume of the TEEB (The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity) publication series, the key concepts of the project are applied to local and regional policy and public management. The aim is to show that by taking nature's benefits into account, decision makers can promote local…

    eBook – 2012-05-23
    TEEB - The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity

  • Forests and People: Property, Governance, and Human Rights book cover

    Forests and People

    Property, Governance, and Human Rights, 1st Edition

    Edited by Thomas Sikor, Johannes Stahl

    A human rights-based agenda has received significant attention in writings on general development policy, but less so in forestry. Forests and People presents a comprehensive analysis of the rights-based agenda in forestry, connecting it with existing work on tenure reform, governance rights and…

    eBook – 2012-05-23

  • Blue Revolution: Integrated Land and Water Resources Management book cover

    Blue Revolution

    Integrated Land and Water Resources Management, 2nd Edition

    By Ian Calder

    'Blue Revolution upturns some environmental applecarts - not for the hell of it, but so we can manage our environment better.' Fred Pearce, New Scientist This updated and revised edition of The Blue Revolution provides further evidence of the need to integrate land management decision-making into…

    eBook – 2012-05-16

  • Governing a Common Sea: Environmental Policies in the Baltic Sea Region book cover

    Governing a Common Sea

    Environmental Policies in the Baltic Sea Region, 1st Edition

    Edited by Marko Joas, Detlef Jahn, Kristine Kern

    �This is a very welcome volume, and it will reach a large audience and readership among those involved in these issues from a truly multidisciplinary perspective; in essence, a much needed book!� Erik Bonsdorff, professor of marine biology at �bo Akademi University, Finland �This timely volume…

    eBook – 2012-05-16

  • Multifunctional Rural Land Management: Economics and Policies book cover

    Multifunctional Rural Land Management

    Economics and Policies, 1st Edition

    Edited by Floor Brouwer, C. Martijn van der Heide

    The increasing demand for rural land and its natural resources is creating competition and conflicts. Many interested parties, including farmers, nature conservationists, rural residents and tourists, compete for the same space. Especially in densely populated areas, agriculture, recreation, urban…

    eBook – 2012-05-16

  • Policy and Strategic Behaviour in Water Resource Management book cover

    Policy and Strategic Behaviour in Water Resource Management

    1st Edition

    Edited by Ariel Dinar, Jose Albiac

    Water resource management throughout the world is a very complicated issue, involving various aspects and dimensions and a well-coordinated set of policies. A well-designed water policy is a multi-faceted concerted intervention, which could be specific to just one set of political and physical…

    eBook – 2012-05-16

  • Evolution and Innovation in Wildlife Conservation: Parks and Game Ranches to Transfrontier Conservation Areas book cover

    Evolution and Innovation in Wildlife Conservation

    Parks and Game Ranches to Transfrontier Conservation Areas, 1st Edition

    By Brian Child, Helen Suich, Spenceley Anna

    The crucible of innovation in wildlife and habitat conservation is in southern Africa where it has co-evolved with decolonization, political transformation and the rise of development, ownership, management and livelihood debates. Charting this innovation, early chapters deal with the traditional '…

    eBook – 2012-05-04

  • Linking Conservation and Poverty Reduction: Landscapes, People and Power book cover

    Linking Conservation and Poverty Reduction

    Landscapes, People and Power, 1st Edition

    By Robert Fisher, Stewart Maginnis, William Jackson, Edmund Barrow, Sally Jeanrenaud

    'This book aims to inspire the conservation community not to regard poverty reduction as someone else's job but to take responsibility for it as part of ecosystem restoration. Though no solutions are perfect,the text and examples given offer encouraging and useful guidance.' Gill Shepherd, poverty…

    eBook – 2012-05-04

  • Illegal Logging: Law Enforcement, Livelihoods and the Timber Trade book cover

    Illegal Logging

    Law Enforcement, Livelihoods and the Timber Trade, 1st Edition

    Edited by Luca Tacconi

    'This book carefully blends conceptual insights with extensive empirical evidence to navigate the reader through an issue that is still poorly understood [and is] a valuable reference for the development practitioner to understand the fundamental causes of illegal logging, its myriad consequences…

    eBook – 2012-05-04

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