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  • Our Common Seas: Coasts in Crisis book cover

    Our Common Seas

    Coasts in Crisis, 1st Edition

    By Don Hinrichsen

    Most of the world's population lives on or near the coasts. Every nation not completely landlocked has used the sea as its supposedly self-cleansing garbage dump. Now the effects are being felt. There is not a coast in the world which is not dangerously polluted. Sewage, oil, plastics, industrial…

    eBook – 2016-07-22
    Natural Resource Management Set

  • The Economic Theory of Community Forestry book cover

    The Economic Theory of Community Forestry

    1st Edition

    By David Robinson

    Community forestry is an expanding model of forest management around the world. Over a quarter of forests in developing countries are now owned by or assigned to communities and there is a growing community forestry movement in developed countries such as Canada and the USA. There is, however, no…

    eBook – 2016-05-26
    Routledge Explorations in Environmental Economics

  • Dams and Development: A New Framework for Decision-making - The Report of the World Commission on Dams book cover

    Dams and Development

    A New Framework for Decision-making - The Report of the World Commission on Dams, 1st Edition

    By World Commission on Dams

    By the year 2000, the world had built more than 45,000 large dams to irrigate crops, generate power, control floods in wet times and store water in dry times. Yet, in the last century, large dams also disrupted the ecology of half the world's rivers, displaced tens of millions of people from their…

    eBook – 2016-05-13

  • Tropical Fruit Tree Diversity: Good practices for in situ and on-farm conservation book cover

    Tropical Fruit Tree Diversity

    Good practices for in situ and on-farm conservation, 1st Edition

    Edited by Bhuwon Sthapit, Hugo Lamers, Ramanatha Rao, Arwen Bailey

    Farmers have developed a range of agricultural practices to sustainably use and maintain a wide diversity of crop species in many parts of the world. This book documents good practices innovated by farmers and collects key reviews on good practices from global experts, not only from the case…

    eBook – 2016-05-12
    Issues in Agricultural Biodiversity

  • The Economics of the Gas Supply Industry book cover

    The Economics of the Gas Supply Industry

    1st Edition

    By Malcolm Abbott

    In recent years, natural gas has become a major source of energy, with trade across borders increasing through both pipelines and as Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). Owing to this global development, this book traces the development of the gas supply industry, from localised to national industries and…

    eBook – 2016-05-12

  • Land Degradation, Desertification and Climate Change: Anticipating, assessing and adapting to future change book cover

    Land Degradation, Desertification and Climate Change

    Anticipating, assessing and adapting to future change, 1st Edition

    By Mark S. Reed, Lindsay C. Stringer

    Although much is known about the processes and effects of land degradation and climate change, little is understood about the links between them. Less still is known about how these processes are likely to interact in different social-ecological systems around the world, or how societies might be…

    eBook – 2016-04-28

  • Energy Law and the Sustainable Company: Innovation and corporate social responsibility book cover

    Energy Law and the Sustainable Company

    Innovation and corporate social responsibility, 1st Edition

    By Patricia Park, Duncan Magnus Park

    What kind of decision-making should multinationals engage in to create a sustainable company? There is substantial debate over why CEOs, senior management and Boards of Directors make the wrong decisions by not asking the right questions, with the result that not only is the company itself damaged,…

    eBook – 2016-04-28
    Routledge Research in Sustainability and Business

  • Environmental Communication and Community: Constructive and destructive dynamics of social transformation book cover

    Environmental Communication and Community

    Constructive and destructive dynamics of social transformation, 1st Edition

    Edited by Tarla Rai Peterson, Hanna Ljunggren Bergeå, Andrea M. Feldpausch-Parker, Kaisa Raitio

    As society has become increasingly aware of environmental issues, the challenge of structuring public participation opportunities that strengthen democracy, while promoting more sustainable communities has become crucial for many natural resource agencies, industries, interest groups and publics.…

    eBook – 2016-04-28
    Routledge Studies in Environmental Communication and Media

  • Governance, Natural Resources and Post-Conflict Peacebuilding book cover

    Governance, Natural Resources and Post-Conflict Peacebuilding

    1st Edition

    Edited by Carl Bruch, Carroll Muffett, Sandra S. Nichols

    When the guns are silenced, those who have survived armed conflict need food, water, shelter, the means to earn a living, and the promise of safety and a return to civil order. Meeting these needs while sustaining peace requires more than simply having governmental structures in place; it requires…

    eBook – 2016-04-07
    Post-Conflict Peacebuilding and Natural Resource Management

  • Strategic Sustainability: A Natural Environmental Lens on Organizations and Management book cover

    Strategic Sustainability

    A Natural Environmental Lens on Organizations and Management, 1st Edition

    By Daniel S. Fogel

    Strategic Sustainability examines how organizations can implement environmental sustainability science, theories, and ways of thinking to become more competitive. Including examples and ideas implemented in various countries, it is based on known scientific principles about the natural world and…

    eBook – 2016-03-22

  • Mineral Economics and Policy book cover

    Mineral Economics and Policy

    1st Edition

    By John E. Tilton, Juan Ignacio Guzmán

    This textbook provides an introduction to the field of mineral economics and its use in understanding the behaviour of mineral commodity markets and in assessing both public and corporate policies in this important economic sector. The focus is on metal and non-metallic commodities rather than…

    eBook – 2016-03-17

  • Management Science in Fisheries: An introduction to simulation-based methods book cover

    Management Science in Fisheries

    An introduction to simulation-based methods, 1st Edition

    Edited by Charles T.T. Edwards, Dorothy J. Dankel

    A key goal of fisheries management is to regulate extractive pressure on a resource so as to ensure social, economic and ecological sustainability. This text provides an accessible entry point for students and professionals to management science as developed in fisheries, in order to facilitate…

    eBook – 2016-02-26
    Earthscan Oceans

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