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  • Systemic Crises of Global Climate Change: Intersections of race, class and gender book cover

    Systemic Crises of Global Climate Change

    Intersections of race, class and gender, 1st Edition

    Edited by Phoebe Godfrey, Denise Torres

    Sociological literature tends to view the social categories of race, class and gender as distinct and has avoided discussing how multiple intersections inform and contribute to experiences of injustice and inequity. This limited focus is clearly inadequate. Systemic Crises of Global Climate Change…

    eBook – 2016-04-14
    Routledge Advances in Climate Change Research

  • Wilderness book cover


    1st Edition

    By Phillip Vannini, April Vannini

    Wilderness provides a multidisciplinary introduction into the diverse ways in which we make sense of wilderness: how we conceptualise it, experience it, interact with, and imagine it. Drawing upon key theorists, philosophers, and researchers who have contributed important knowledge to the topic,…

    eBook – 2016-04-14
    Key Ideas in Geography

  • Human Rights and Sustainability: Moral responsibilities for the future book cover

    Human Rights and Sustainability

    Moral responsibilities for the future, 1st Edition

    Edited by Gerhard Bos, Marcus Düwell

    The history of human rights suggests that individuals should be empowered in their natural, political, political, social and economic vulnerabilities. States within the international arena hold each other responsible for doing just that and support or interfere where necessary. States are to…

    eBook – 2016-02-26
    Routledge Studies in Sustainability

  • Philosophy of Nature: Rethinking naturalness book cover

    Philosophy of Nature

    Rethinking naturalness, 1st Edition

    By Svein Anders Noer Lie

    The concept of naturalness has largely disappeared from the academic discourse in general but also the particular field of environmental studies. This book is about naturalness in general – about why the idea of naturalness has been abandoned in modern academic discourse, why it is important to…

    eBook – 2016-01-22
    Routledge Explorations in Environmental Studies

  • The Intrinsic Value of Endangered Species book cover

    The Intrinsic Value of Endangered Species

    1st Edition

    By Ian A. Smith

    Why save endangered species without clear aesthetic, economic, or ecosystemic value? This book takes on this challenging question through an account of the intrinsic goods of species. Ian A. Smith argues that a species’ intrinsic value stems from its ability to flourish—its organisms continuing to…

    eBook – 2016-01-08
    Routledge Studies in Ethics and Moral Theory

  • Animals, Biopolitics, Law: Lively Legalities book cover

    Animals, Biopolitics, Law

    Lively Legalities, 1st Edition

    Edited by Irus Braverman

    Typically, the legal investigation of nonhuman life, and of animal life in particular, is conducted through the discourse of animal rights. Within this discourse, legal rights are extended to certain nonhuman animals through the same liberal framework that has afforded human rights before it.…

    eBook – 2015-12-22
    Space, Materiality and the Normative

  • Contemporary Perspectives on Ecofeminism book cover

    Contemporary Perspectives on Ecofeminism

    1st Edition

    Edited by Mary Phillips, Nick Rumens

    Why is ecofeminism still needed to address the environmental emergencies and challenges of our times? Ecofeminism has a chequered history in terms of its popularity and its perceived value in conceptualizing the relationship between gender and nature as well as feeding forms of activism that aim to…

    eBook – 2015-11-19
    Routledge Explorations in Environmental Studies

  • Freedom and Environment: Autonomy, Human Flourishing and the Political Philosophy of Sustainability book cover

    Freedom and Environment

    Autonomy, Human Flourishing and the Political Philosophy of Sustainability, 1st Edition

    By Michael Hannis

    Must freedom be sacrificed to achieve ecological sustainability - or vice versa? Can we be genuinely free and live in sustainable societies? This book argues that we can, if we recognise and celebrate our ecological embeddedness, rather than seeking to transcend it. But this does not mean freedom…

    eBook – 2015-10-05
    Environmental Politics

  • The Politics of Ecosocialism: Transforming welfare book cover

    The Politics of Ecosocialism

    Transforming welfare, 1st Edition

    Edited by Kajsa Borgnäs, Teppo Eskelinen, Johanna Perkiö, Rikard Warlenius

    As the global economy seeks to recover from the financial crisis and warnings about the consequences of climate change abound, it is clear that we need a fundamentally new approach to tackle these issues. This innovative book offers a unique perspective, stressing the necessity of both ecological…

    eBook – 2015-07-24

  • Duties Regarding Nature: A Kantian Environmental Ethic book cover

    Duties Regarding Nature

    A Kantian Environmental Ethic, 1st Edition

    By Toby Svoboda

    In this book, Toby Svoboda develops and defends a Kantian environmental virtue ethic, challenging the widely-held view that Kant's moral philosophy has little to offer environmental ethics. On the contrary, Svoboda contends that on Kantian grounds, there is good moral reason to care about…

    eBook – 2015-06-26
    Routledge Studies in Ethics and Moral Theory

  • Environmental Melancholia: Psychoanalytic dimensions of engagement book cover

    Environmental Melancholia

    Psychoanalytic dimensions of engagement, 1st Edition

    By Renee Lertzman

    In this groundbreaking book, Renee Lertzman applies psychoanalytic theory and psychosocial research to the issue of public engagement and public apathy in response to chronic ecological threats. By highlighting unconscious and affective dimensions of contemporary ecological issues, Lertzman…

    eBook – 2015-06-12
    Psychoanalytic Explorations

  • Animal Ethics: The Basics book cover

    Animal Ethics: The Basics

    1st Edition

    By Tony Miligan

    Animal Ethics has long been a highly contested area with debates driven by unease about various forms of animal harm, from the use of animals in scientific research to the farming of animals for consumption. Animal Ethics: The Basics is an essential introduction to the key considerations…

    eBook – 2015-06-05
    The Basics

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