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  • C. G. Jung in the Humanities: Taking the Soul's Path book cover

    C. G. Jung in the Humanities

    Taking the Soul's Path, 1st Edition

    By Susan Rowland

    This book demonstrates for the first time the significance of Jung’s work to the humanities, and to those areas where the humanities and sciences share borders. More radically, it shows that Jung was a writer of myth, alchemy, narrative, and poetics, as well as on them. Jung’s core concepts are…

    eBook – 2019-09-23

  • Who's Who in Contemporary Women's Writing book cover

    Who's Who in Contemporary Women's Writing

    1st Edition

    Edited by Jane Eldridge Miller

    Unique in its breadth of coverage, Who's Who in Contemporary Women's Writing is a comprehensive, authoritative and enjoyable guide to women's fiction, prose, poetry and drama from around the world in the second half of the twentieth century. Over the course of 1000 entries by over 150…

    eBook – 2019-07-23

  • A Reader's Guide to Contemporary Literary Theory book cover

    A Reader's Guide to Contemporary Literary Theory

    6th Edition

    By Raman Selden, Peter Widdowson, Peter Brooker

    A Reader’s Guide to Contemporary Literary Theory is a classic introduction to the complex yet crucial area of literary theory. This book is known for its clear, accessible style and its thorough, logical approach, guiding the reader through the essentials of literary theory. It includes two new…

    eBook – 2016-12-19

  • Sex In The Head: Visions of Femininity and Film in D.H. Lawrence book cover

    Sex In The Head

    Visions of Femininity and Film in D.H. Lawrence, 1st Edition

    By Linda R. Williams

    In Sex in the Head, Linda Ruth Williams uses psychoanalysis and recent feminist film theory to analyze a network of ideas which link looking with sexuality and difference, in the work of a writer who disavowed, yet covertly enjoyed, the pleasures and power of vision. The book is a departure from…

    eBook – 2016-07-01

  • A Readers Guide to Contemporary Feminist Literary Criticism book cover

    A Readers Guide to Contemporary Feminist Literary Criticism

    1st Edition

    By Maggie Humm

    This introduction to feminist literary criticism in its international contexts discusses a broad range of complex critical writings and then identifies and explains the main developments and debates within each approach. Each chapter has an easy-to-use format, comprising an introductory overview,…

    eBook – 2015-07-17

  • Law and Literature: Text and Theory book cover

    Law and Literature

    Text and Theory, 1st Edition

    By Lenora Ledwon

    First published in 1996. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.…

    eBook – 2015-06-03

  • Ain't I a Woman: Black Women and Feminism book cover

    Ain't I a Woman

    Black Women and Feminism, 2nd Edition

    By bell hooks

    A classic work of feminist scholarship, Ain't I a Woman has become a must-read for all those interested in the nature of black womanhood. Examining the impact of sexism on black women during slavery, the devaluation of black womanhood, black male sexism, racism among feminists, and the black…

    eBook – 2014-12-17

  • The Infernal Desires of Angela Carter: Fiction, Femininity, Feminism book cover

    The Infernal Desires of Angela Carter

    Fiction, Femininity, Feminism, 1st Edition

    By Joseph Bristow, Trev Lynn Broughton

    Drawing on many aspects of contemporary feminist theory, this lively collection of essays assesses Angela Carter's polemical fictions of desire. Carter, renowned for her irreverent wit, was one of the most gifted, subversive, and stylish British writers to emerge in the 1960s.…

    eBook – 2014-10-13
    Longman Studies In Twentieth Century Literature

  • Black Looks: Race and Representation book cover

    Black Looks

    Race and Representation, 2nd Edition

    By bell hooks

    In the critical essays collected in Black Looks, bell hooks interrogates old narratives and argues for alternative ways to look at blackness, black subjectivity, and whiteness. Her focus is on spectatorship—in particular, the way blackness and black people are experienced in literature, music,…

    eBook – 2014-10-10

  • Feminism Is for Everybody: Passionate Politics book cover

    Feminism Is for Everybody

    Passionate Politics, 2nd Edition

    By bell hooks

    What is feminism? In this short, accessible primer, bell hooks explores the nature of feminism and its positive promise to eliminate sexism, sexist exploitation, and oppression. With her characteristic clarity and directness, hooks encourages readers to see how feminism can touch and change their…

    eBook – 2014-10-10

  • Talking Back: Thinking Feminist, Thinking Black book cover

    Talking Back

    Thinking Feminist, Thinking Black, 2nd Edition

    By bell hooks

    In childhood, bell hooks was taught that "talking back" meant speaking as an equal to an authority figure and daring to disagree and/or have an opinion. In this collection of personal and theoretical essays, hooks reflects on her signature issues of racism and feminism, politics and pedagogy. Among…

    eBook – 2014-10-10

  • Yearning: Race, Gender, and Cultural Politics book cover


    Race, Gender, and Cultural Politics, 2nd Edition

    By bell hooks

    For bell hooks, the best cultural criticism sees no need to separate politics from the pleasure of reading. Yearning collects together some of hooks's classic and early pieces of cultural criticism from the '80s. Addressing topics like pedagogy, postmodernism, and politics, hooks examines a variety…

    eBook – 2014-10-10

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