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  • Consecutive Interpreting: A Short Course book cover

    Consecutive Interpreting

    A Short Course, 1st Edition

    By Andrew Gillies

    Consecutive Interpreting: A Short Course provides a step-by-step guide to consecutive interpreting. This user-friendly coursebook tackles key skills such as presentation, analysis, note-taking and reformulation, as well as advanced market-related skills such as preparation for assignments, protocol…

    eBook – 2019-04-10
    Translation Practices Explained

  • Engagements with Shakespearean Drama book cover

    Engagements with Shakespearean Drama

    1st Edition

    By William Walker

    Rather than treating the plays as objects to be studied, described and interpreted, Engagements with Shakespearean Drama examines precisely what about Shakespeare’s plays is so special – why they continue to be discussed and performed all around the world. This book highlights the importance…

    eBook – 2019-04-05
    Routledge Engagements with Literature

  • Essential French Grammar book cover

    Essential French Grammar

    2nd Edition

    By Mike Thacker, Casimir d'Angelo

    Essential French Grammar is a student-friendly French grammar designed to give learners a firm foundation on which to build a real understanding of both spoken and written French. Clear explanations of grammar are supported by contemporary examples, lively cartoon drawings and a variety of…

    eBook – 2019-03-26
    Essential Language Grammars

  • The Poems of Alexander Pope: Volume One book cover

    The Poems of Alexander Pope: Volume One

    1st Edition

    Edited by Julian Ferraro, Paul Baines

    The Poems of Alexander Pope is a multi-volume edition of the poetry of Alexander Pope (1688–1744) resulting from a thorough reappraisal of his work, from composition through to reception. The annotations and headnotes are full and informative, and the layout is designed to enable the reader to…

    eBook – 2019-03-21
    Longman Annotated English Poets

  • Palabras clave para organizar textos en español: Recursos pragmáticos y discursivos book cover

    Palabras clave para organizar textos en español

    Recursos pragmáticos y discursivos, 1st Edition

    By Eladio Duque, Carmen Martín de León, Cristina Garcia Hermoso

    Palabras clave para organizar textos en español: recursos pragmáticos y discursivos está dirigido a estudiantes de español como lengua extranjera –de nivel B2/ C1 (MCER) o Intermediate High/ Advanced Low (ACTFL)– que deseen mejorar la coherencia de sus textos hablados y escritos.  En este libro el…

    eBook – 2019-03-15

  • Contextos: Curso Intermediário de Português book cover

    Contextos: Curso Intermediário de Português

    1st Edition

    By Denise Santos, Glaucia Silva, Viviane Gontijo

    Contextos: Curso Intermediário de Português is an engaging and motivating course that takes learners from the intermediate to advanced level. The course allows students to systematically practise all four language skills as well as develop intercultural awareness. Each unit contains clear…

    eBook – 2019-03-13

  • The Future of Reading book cover

    The Future of Reading

    1st Edition

    By Eric Purchase

    Why do we read? What happens to our imaginations when we read? To our knowledge? What creative forces are unleashed? What are the wider implications of all of this? In a truly engaging and accessible style, The Future of Reading looks at the very experience of reading; not just the consumption and…

    eBook – 2019-03-08

  • Language, Gender, and Sexuality: An Introduction book cover

    Language, Gender, and Sexuality

    An Introduction, 1st Edition

    By Scott F. Kiesling

    Language, Gender, and Sexuality offers a panoramic and accessible introduction to the ways in which linguistic patterns are sensitive to social categories of gender and sexuality, as well as an overview of how speakers use language to create and display gender and sexuality. This book includes…

    eBook – 2019-03-07
    Routledge Guides to Linguistics

  • Intermediate Swedish: A Grammar and Workbook book cover

    Intermediate Swedish

    A Grammar and Workbook, 1st Edition

    By Ian Hinchliffe, Philip Holmes

    Intermediate Swedish: A Grammar and Workbook combines an accessible intermediate reference grammar and related exercises in one volume that covers most of the topics that students might expect to deal with in their second year of learning Swedish. The book follows on naturally from and complements…

    eBook – 2019-03-04
    Grammar Workbooks

  • Postcolonialism book cover


    1st Edition

    By Tariq Jazeel

    Postcolonialism is a book that examines the influence of postcolonial theory in critical geographical thought and scholarship. Aimed at advanced-level students and researchers, the book is a lively, stimulating and relevant introduction to ‘postcolonial geography’ that elaborates on the critical…

    eBook – 2019-02-22
    Key Ideas in Geography

  • Scriptwriting for Film, Television and New Media book cover

    Scriptwriting for Film, Television and New Media

    1st Edition

    By Alan C. Hueth

    What are the foundations of scriptwriting? Why do some scripts gain more prestige than others? How do you write a script and get it noticed? Scriptwriting for Film, Television and New Media answers these questions and more, offering a comprehensive introduction to writing scripts for film,…

    eBook – 2019-02-18

  • Engaging with Multicultural YA Literature in the Secondary Classroom: Critical Approaches for Critical Educators book cover

    Engaging with Multicultural YA Literature in the Secondary Classroom

    Critical Approaches for Critical Educators, 1st Edition

    Edited by Ricki Ginsberg, Wendy J. Glenn

    With a focus on fostering democratic, equitable education for young people, Ginsberg and Glenn’s engaging text showcases a wide variety of innovative, critical classroom approaches that extend beyond traditional literary theories commonly used in K-12 and higher education classrooms and provides…

    eBook – 2019-02-18

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