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  • Modern Intellectual Property Law book cover

    Modern Intellectual Property Law

    3rd Edition

    By Jonathan Galloway, Daithí Mac Síthigh, Andrew Griffiths, Aisling McMahon

    Modern Intellectual Property Law combines coverage of each intellectual property right granted for creations of the mind into a thoughtful, unified textbook. Deconstructing the fundamental topics into short, clear sections separated by subheadings throughout, Colston and Galloway's text is the…

    eBook – 2010-07-12

  • The Reform of UK Personal Property Security Law: Comparative Perspectives book cover

    The Reform of UK Personal Property Security Law

    Comparative Perspectives, 1st Edition

    Edited by John de Lacy

    There has been much discussion in the last ten years about the need to reform the law governing company charge registration, with many bodies including the Department of Trade and Industry and Law Commissions considering the case for reform of this area in the context of a wider scheme of personal…

    eBook – 2009-12-16

  • Welfare's Forgotten Past: A Socio-Legal History of the Poor Law book cover

    Welfare's Forgotten Past

    A Socio-Legal History of the Poor Law, 1st Edition

    By Lorie Charlesworth

    That ‘poor law was law’ is a fact that has slipped from the consciousness of historians of welfare in England and Wales, and in North America. Welfare's Forgotten Past remedies this situation by tracing the history of the legal right of the settled poor to relief when destitute. Poor law was not…

    eBook – 2009-12-16

  • Criminal Law: The Basics book cover

    Criminal Law: The Basics

    1st Edition

    By Jonathan Herring

    Criminal Law: The Basics is an insightful introduction to the legal aspects of criminal acts, ranging from battery to burglary and harassment to homicide. Starting with an in-depth exploration of the very concept of crime, this book considers such questions as: how should we decide what is…

    eBook – 2009-10-16
    The Basics

  • Understanding Public Law book cover

    Understanding Public Law

    1st Edition

    By Hilaire Barnett

    Public Law is concerned with the law governing the institutions of the state and the relationship between the state and the individual, and is a core subject for all students reading for a qualifying law degree. This concise, student-friendly guide will help equip students with an understanding of…

    eBook – 2009-09-14

  • English Law book cover

    English Law

    3rd Edition

    By Gary Slapper, David Kelly

    Whether you are engaged in the study of law, are considering studying law at university, are a business professional or want to find out more about the law in general, Slapper and Kelly's English Law offers a clear, lively and reliable point of entry to the law in England and Wales. Presented in an…

    eBook – 2009-06-26

  • Modern Tort Law book cover

    Modern Tort Law

    7th Edition

    By V.H. Harpwood

    Modern Tort Law is a comprehensive, accessible and up-to-date introduction to the law of torts. Now in its seventh edition, Vivienne Harpwood’s popular, student-friendly text explains the principles of all aspects of tort law in a lively and thought-provoking manner. The broad coverage of modern…

    eBook – 2009-06-02

  • Contract Law in Perspective book cover

    Contract Law in Perspective

    5th Edition

    By Linda Mulcahy

    Contract Law in Perspective complements 'black letter' treatments of contract by looking at legal doctrine and statutes in their social, political and economic contexts. It increases students' understanding of the law of contract as well as convinces them why it is so important to us all.…

    eBook – 2008-08-18

  • AS Law book cover

    AS Law

    3rd Edition

    By Andrew Mitchell

    Written for sixth form and college students, AS Law covers the content of AS Law for AQA and OCR students in a lively and reader-friendly style. Topics are broken down into manageable parts, with clear headings and are illustrated throughout with photographs, diagrams, boxes and illustrations.…

    eBook – 2008-07-15

  • Victimology: Victimisation and Victims' Rights book cover


    Victimisation and Victims' Rights, 1st Edition

    By Lorraine Wolhuter, Neil Olley, David Denham

    How should the needs of victims of crime be met by the criminal justice system? Have the rights of victims been neglected in order to ensure that a defendant is brought to 'justice'? Who are the victims of crime and why are they targeted? This new book examines the theoretical arguments concerning…

    eBook – 2008-07-11

  • Alcohol and Entertainment Licensing Law book cover

    Alcohol and Entertainment Licensing Law

    2nd Edition

    By Colin Manchester, Susanna Poppleston, Jeremy Allen

    This comprehensive and authoritative guide to licensing law is co-authored by the UK’s only professor of licensing law and two eminent licensing practitioners. It provides a detailed exposition and contextual analysis of the legal provisions governing the licensing of alcohol and entertainment…

    eBook – 2008-06-30

  • Text, Cases and Materials on Equity and Trusts book cover

    Text, Cases and Materials on Equity and Trusts

    4th Edition

    By Mohamed Ramjohn

    Text, Cases and Materials on Equity and Trusts has been considerably revised to broaden the focus of the text in line with most LLB core courses to encompass equity, remedies and injunctions and to take account of recent major statutory and case law developments. The new edition features increased…

    eBook – 2008-06-30

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