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  • Causation in Insurance Contract Law book cover

    Causation in Insurance Contract Law

    1st Edition

    By Meixian Song

    Causation is a crucial and complex issue in ascertaining whether a particular loss or damage is covered in an insurance policy or in a tort claim, and is an issue that cannot be escaped. Therefore, this unique book will assist practitioners in answering one of the most important questions in the…

    eBook – 2014-06-27
    Informa Law from Routledge
    Contemporary Commercial Law

  • Law Made Simple book cover

    Law Made Simple

    13th Edition

    By David Barker

    Are you studying for an A-Level in Law?  Are you thinking about reading Law or a related subject at university? Or maybe you already have a place at Law School? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above or if you have a general interest in how the Law works, Law Made Simple is the perfect…

    eBook – 2014-04-03

  • Tort Law book cover

    Tort Law

    1st Edition

    By Chris Turner

    Key Facts Key Cases: Tort Law will ensure you grasp the main concepts of your Tort Law module with ease. This book explains the facts and associated case law for: The torts of negligence, occupiers’ liability and nuisance Strict liability torts The torts of trespass to land and trespass to…

    eBook – 2013-12-17
    Key Facts Key Cases

  • Tort Lawcards 2012-2013 book cover

    Tort Lawcards 2012-2013

    8th Edition

    By Routledge

    Routledge Lawcards are your complete, pocket-sized guides to key examinable areas of the undergraduate law curriculum and the CPE/GDL. Their concise text, user-friendly layout and compact format make them an ideal revision aid. Helping you to identify, understand and commit to memory the salient…

    eBook – 2013-06-17

  • Key Facts Tort book cover

    Key Facts Tort

    4th Edition

    By Chris Turner

    Key Facts is the essential revision series for anyone studying law, including LLB, ILEX and post-graduate conversion courses.The Key Facts series provides the simplest and most effective way for you to absorb and retain the essential facts needed to pass your exams effortlessly.Key features include…

    eBook – 2013-03-07
    Key Facts

  • Course Notes: Tort Law book cover

    Course Notes: Tort Law

    1st Edition

    By Brendan Greene

    Course Notes is designed to help you succeed in your law examinations and assessments. Each guide supports revision of an undergraduate and conversion GDL/CPE law degree module by demonstrating good practice in creating and maintaining ideal notes. Course Notes will support you in actively and…

    eBook – 2013-01-11
    Course Notes

  • Contract, Tort and Restitution Statutes 2012-2013 book cover

    Contract, Tort and Restitution Statutes 2012-2013

    4th Edition

    By James Devenney, Howard Johnson

    ‘Focused content, layout and price - Routledge competes and wins in relation to all of these factors’ - Craig Lind, University of Sussex, UK  ‘The best value and best format books on the market.’ - Ed Bates, Southampton University, UK     Routledge Student Statutes are: &…

    eBook – 2012-11-12
    Routledge Student Statutes

  • Feminist Perspectives on Tort Law book cover

    Feminist Perspectives on Tort Law

    1st Edition

    Edited by Janice Richardson, Erika Rackley

    Feminist Perspectives on Tort Law offers a distinctly feminist approach to key topics in tort law. Ten original essays written by feminist legal scholars from the UK, US, Canada and Australia encompass a range of ways of thinking about women, tort law and feminism. The collection provides a fresh…

    eBook – 2012-05-23
    Feminist Perspectives

  • Fundamental Rights and Private Law in Europe: The Case of Tort Law and Children book cover

    Fundamental Rights and Private Law in Europe

    The Case of Tort Law and Children, 1st Edition

    By Nuno Ferreira

    The book explores, from a comparative and inter-disciplinary perspective, the relationship between fundamental rights and private law in Europe, a debate usually referred to as Drittwirkung or ‘horizontal effect of fundamental rights’. It discusses the different models of ‘horizontal effect’ and…

    eBook – 2011-05-19

  • Modern Tort Law book cover

    Modern Tort Law

    7th Edition

    By V.H. Harpwood

    Modern Tort Law is a comprehensive, accessible and up-to-date introduction to the law of torts. Now in its seventh edition, Vivienne Harpwood’s popular, student-friendly text explains the principles of all aspects of tort law in a lively and thought-provoking manner. The broad coverage of modern…

    eBook – 2009-06-02

  • Tort Law book cover

    Tort Law

    3rd Edition

    By Sue Hodge

    This textbook covers the Tort Law option of the A-level law syllabus, and provides at the same time an ideal introduction for anybody coming to the subject for the first time. The book covers all A-level syllabuses/specification requirements, and is written by the examiner in Tort Law for one of…

    eBook – 2004-07-01

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