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  • Information Practice in Science and Technology: Evolving Challenges and New Directions book cover

    Information Practice in Science and Technology

    Evolving Challenges and New Directions, 1st Edition

    By Mary Schlembach

    Examine the vital issues facing sci-tech libraries in today's economic and technological climate! This book addresses current challenges and changes in science and technology libraries—and shows how librarians are handling them in difficult financial times. It examines issues related to…

    eBook – 2012-11-12

  • Metadata: A Cataloger's Primer book cover


    A Cataloger's Primer, 1st Edition

    By Richard Smiraglia

    Find out what makes metadata an exciting addition to resource descriptionMetadata: A Cataloger’s Primer provides catalog librarians and students with a comprehensive instructional resource on the ongoing convergence of cataloging and metadata. Equally valuable in the classroom and as a…

    eBook – 2012-11-12

  • Pharmacy Law Desk Reference book cover

    Pharmacy Law Desk Reference

    1st Edition

    By Albert I Wertheimer, Delbert Konnor

    Your primary source for information on the legal issues of pharmaceutical practice, care, and activityToday’s pharmacist is faced with legal, ethical, and moral concerns in making the transition from traditional pharmacy practice to an expanded role in clinical pharmacy and patient drug…

    eBook – 2012-10-12

  • The Practical Library Trainer book cover

    The Practical Library Trainer

    1st Edition

    By Ruth C Carter, Bruce E Massis

    Develop a library staff training program that really works!To stay on top of the lightning-fast changes in the library field and provide your patrons with the best service possible, you need to establish and sustain an effective program for training your staff. The Practical Library Trainer…

    eBook – 2012-10-12

  • Electronic Resources and Collection Development book cover

    Electronic Resources and Collection Development

    1st Edition

    By Sul H Lee

    Examine the effects electronic resources have on your library! Electronic Resources and Collection Development examines how the transition to electronic resources in academic libraries has impacted traditional collection development policies and practices. Nine acclaimed librarians present their…

    eBook – 2012-10-12

  • Encyclopedia of British Horse Racing book cover

    Encyclopedia of British Horse Racing

    1st Edition

    Edited by Dr Joyce Kay, Professor Wray Vamplew

    The Encyclopedia of British Horse Racing offers an innovative approach to one of Britain's oldest sports. While it considers the traditional themes of gambling and breeding, and contains biographies of human personalities and equine stars, it also devotes significant space to neglected areas.…

    eBook – 2012-10-02
    Routledge Sports Reference Series

  • Art of the Brooklyn Bridge: A Visual History book cover

    Art of the Brooklyn Bridge

    A Visual History, 1st Edition

    By Richard Haw

    The Brooklyn Bridge is a pre-eminent global icon. It is the world’s most famous and beloved bridge, a "must-see" tourist hotspot, and a vital fact of New York life. For almost a hundred and forty years it has inspired artists of all descriptions, fueling a constant stream of paintings,…

    eBook – 2012-10-02

  • Handbook of Metacognition in Education book cover

    Handbook of Metacognition in Education

    1st Edition

    Edited by Douglas J. Hacker, John Dunlosky, Arthur C. Graesser

    Providing comprehensive coverage of the theoretical bases of metacognition and its applications to educational practice, this compendium of focused and in-depth discussions from leading scholars in the field: represents an intersection of education, cognitive science, and technology; serves as…

    eBook – 2009-06-15

  • Concise Encyclopedia of Investing book cover

    Concise Encyclopedia of Investing

    1st Edition

    By Robert E Stevens

    Practical information for investing newcomers!Have you wanted to seriously begin investing but are wary because of confusing and complicated terminology and concepts? Then the Concise Encyclopedia of Investing is for you. This A-to-Z reference provides clear, concise explanations of basic as…

    eBook – 2006-12-11

  • Science Fact and Science Fiction: An Encyclopedia book cover

    Science Fact and Science Fiction

    An Encyclopedia, 1st Edition

    By Brian Stableford

    Science fiction is a literary genre based on scientific speculation. Works of science fiction use the ideas and the vocabulary of all sciences to create valid narratives that explore the future effects of science on events and human beings. Science Fact and Science Fiction examines in one volume…

    eBook – 2006-09-06

  • A Dictionary of Egyptian Gods and Goddesses book cover

    A Dictionary of Egyptian Gods and Goddesses

    1st Edition

    By George Hart

    Students of archaeology, travellers, visitors to museums and all those interested in mythology will value this comprehensive handbook. It details the major gods and goddesses and presents a broad survey of others, giving a vivid picture of the complexity and richness of the imagery of Egyptian…

    eBook – 2006-04-21

  • Teaching in the Sciences: Learner-Centered Approaches book cover

    Teaching in the Sciences

    Learner-Centered Approaches, 1st Edition

    Edited by Acram Taji

    Gain a clear understanding of what effective teachers do—and how successful students learnOver the past 20 years, a greater concentration on research aimed at both teaching and learning has revealed that “chalk and talk” teaching, copying notes, and “cookbook”…

    eBook – 2005-02-14
    CRC Press

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