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  • Life Story Research in Sport: Understanding the Experiences of Elite and Professional Athletes through Narrative book cover

    Life Story Research in Sport

    Understanding the Experiences of Elite and Professional Athletes through Narrative, 1st Edition

    By Kitrina Douglas, David Carless

    What is life really like for the elite athlete? How does the experience of being a professional sports person differ from the popular perceptions of fans, journalists or academics? Why might elite sports people experience mental health difficulties away from the public gaze? In the first…

    eBook – 2014-12-17
    Routledge Research in Sport and Exercise Science

  • Mentoring in Physical Education and Sports Coaching book cover

    Mentoring in Physical Education and Sports Coaching

    1st Edition

    Edited by Fiona C. Chambers

    Mentoring is a core element of any successful teacher education or coach education programme, with evidence suggesting that teachers and coaches who are mentored early in their careers are more likely to become effective practitioners. Physical education and sports coaching share important…

    eBook – 2014-12-05

  • Research Methods for Sports Studies: Third Edition book cover

    Research Methods for Sports Studies

    Third Edition, 3rd Edition

    By Chris Gratton, Dr Ian Jones, Ian Jones

    Research Methods for Sports Studies is a comprehensive, engaging and practical textbook that provides a complete grounding in both qualitative and quantitative research methods for the sports studies student. Leading the reader step-by-step through the entire research process, from identifying a…

    eBook – 2014-12-05

  • Talent Development, Existential Philosophy and Sport: On Becoming an Elite Athlete book cover

    Talent Development, Existential Philosophy and Sport

    On Becoming an Elite Athlete, 1st Edition

    By Kenneth Aggerholm

     'Why don’t young athletes in sport just quit?’ Starting with this question and drawing on existential philosophy, phenomenology and hermeneutics, Talent Development, Existential Philosophy and Sport seeks a deeper understanding of the experience of being a talented young sportsperson striving…

    eBook – 2014-12-05
    Ethics and Sport

  • Sports Officials and Officiating: Science and Practice book cover

    Sports Officials and Officiating

    Science and Practice, 1st Edition

    By Clare MacMahon, Duncan Mascarenhas, Henning Plessner, Alexandra Pizzera, Raôul Oudejans, Markus Raab

    Sports officials (umpires, referees, judges) play a vital role in every sport, and sports governing bodies, fans, and players now expect officials to maintain higher professional standards than ever before. In this ground-breaking book, a team of leading international sport scientists and top level…

    eBook – 2014-11-27

  • Practical Sports Coaching book cover

    Practical Sports Coaching

    1st Edition

    Edited by Christine Nash

    Practical Sports Coaching is a thorough and engaging guide for all sports coaching students and practitioners. Drawing on real-life case studies and examples, the book is designed to develop practical coaching skills and provides readers with the methods and tools they need to become an expert…

    eBook – 2014-11-24

  • The Science of Rugby book cover

    The Science of Rugby

    1st Edition

    Edited by Craig Twist, Paul Worsfold

    The Science of Rugby is the only book to examine the scientific principles underpinning the preparation of rugby players for high performance. Drawing on the very latest scientific evidence, and covering both codes (union and league), the book explores every aspect of preparation and performance…

    eBook – 2014-11-20

  • Youth Development in Football: Lessons from the world’s best academies book cover

    Youth Development in Football

    Lessons from the world’s best academies, 1st Edition

    By Mark Nesti, Chris Sulley

    The identification and development of talented young players has become a central concern of football clubs at all levels of the professional game, as well as for national and international governing bodies. This is the first book to offer a comprehensive survey and assessment of youth development…

    eBook – 2014-11-13

  • Foundations of Sports Coaching: second edition book cover

    Foundations of Sports Coaching

    second edition, 2nd Edition

    Now in a fully revised and updated second edition, Foundations of Sports Coaching is a comprehensive and engaging introduction to the practical, vocational and scientific principles that underpin the sports coaching process. It provides the reader with all the skills, knowledge and scientific…

    eBook – 2014-10-30

  • Data Analysis in Sport book cover

    Data Analysis in Sport

    1st Edition

    By Peter O'Donoghue, Lucy Holmes

    Making sense of sports performance data can be a challenging task but is nevertheless an essential part of performance analysis investigations. Focusing on techniques used in the analysis of sport performance, this book introduces the fundamental principles of data analysis, explores the most…

    eBook – 2014-10-24
    Routledge Studies in Sports Performance Analysis

  • Health and Elite Sport: Is High Performance Sport a Healthy Pursuit? book cover

    Health and Elite Sport

    Is High Performance Sport a Healthy Pursuit?, 1st Edition

    Edited by Joe Baker, Parissa Safai, Jessica Fraser-Thomas

    Health and Elite Sport is the first book to critically examine the relationship between participation in high performance sport and health outcomes. Drawing on theory and empirical data from a wide range of disciplines, including sociology, developmental psychology, epidemiology, and physical…

    eBook – 2014-10-17
    Routledge Research in Sport, Culture and Society

  • Computer Science in Sport: Research and Practice book cover

    Computer Science in Sport

    Research and Practice, 1st Edition

    Edited by Arnold Baca

    Computers are a fundamentally important tool in sport science research, sports performance analysis and, increasingly, in coaching and education programmes in sport. This book defines the field of ‘sport informatics’, explaining how computer science can be used to solve sport-related problems, in…

    eBook – 2014-10-03
    Routledge Research in Sport and Exercise Science

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