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  • Minority Religions in Europe and the Middle East: Mapping and Monitoring book cover

    Minority Religions in Europe and the Middle East

    Mapping and Monitoring

    Edited by George D. Chryssides

    Minority religions, not only New Religious Movements, are explored in this innovative book including the predicament of ancient religions such as Zoroastrianism, ‘old new’ religions such as Baha’i, and traditional religions that are minorities elsewhere. The book is divided into two parts: the…

    AeBook – 2018-08-17 
    Routledge Inform Series on Minority Religions and Spiritual Movements

  • Social Movements and Organised Labour: Passions and Interests book cover

    Social Movements and Organised Labour

    Passions and Interests

    By Jürgen R. Grote, Claudius Wagemann

    This book is about the building of alliances and about joint activities between two groups of social movement actors ascribed increasing relevance for the functioning and the eventual amendment of democratic capitalism. The chapters provide a well-balanced mix of theoretical and empirical accounts…

    AeBook – 2018-08-17 
    The Mobilization Series on Social Movements, Protest, and Culture

  • Framing Social Interaction: Continuities and Cracks in Goffman’s Frame Analysis book cover

    Framing Social Interaction

    Continuities and Cracks in Goffman’s Frame Analysis

    By Anders Persson

    This book is about Erving Goffman’s frame analysis as it, on the one hand, was presented in his 1974 book Frame Analysis and, on the other, was actually conducted in a number of preceding substantial analyses of different aspects of social interaction such as face-work, impression management, fun…

    AeBook – 2018-08-13 

  • Transforming Gender, Sex, and Place: Gender Variant Geographies book cover

    Transforming Gender, Sex, and Place

    Gender Variant Geographies

    By Lynda Johnston

    Transgender, gender variant, and intersex people are in every sector of all societies, yet little is known about their relationship to place. Using a trans, feminist, and queer geographical framework, this book invites readers to consider the complex relationship between transgender people, spaces…

    AeBook – 2018-08-06 
    Gender, Space and Society

  • Social Psychology book cover

    Social Psychology

    9th Edition

    By John DeLamater, Jessica L. Collett

    Written by well-known sociologists John D. DeLamater, Daniel J. Myers, and Jessica L. Collett, this fully revised and updated edition of Social Psychology is a highly accessible and engaging exploration of the question ?what is it that makes us who we are?? Grounded in the latest contemporary…

    AeBook – 2018-07-31 

  • Rural Communities: Legacy + Change book cover

    Rural Communities

    Legacy + Change, 6th Edition

    By Cornelia Butler Flora, Jan L. Flora

    Communities in rural America are a complex mixture of peoples and cultures, ranging from miners who have been laid off in West Virginia, to Laotian immigrants relocating in Kansas to work at a beef processing plant, to entrepreneurs drawing up plans for a world-class ski resort in California's…

    AeBook – 2018-07-24 

  • Pop Culture Freaks: Identity, Mass Media, and Society book cover

    Pop Culture Freaks

    Identity, Mass Media, and Society, 2nd Edition

    By Dustin Kidd

    Love it or hate it, popular culture permeates every aspect of contemporary society. In this accessibly written introduction to the sociology of popular culture, Dustin Kidd provides the tools to think critically about the cultural soup served daily by film, television, music, print media, and the…

    AeBook – 2018-07-03 

  • Text, Food and the Early Modern Reader: Eating Words book cover

    Text, Food and the Early Modern Reader

    Eating Words

    By Jason Scott-Warren, Andrew Elder Zurcher

    In early modern culture, eating and reading were entangled acts. Our dead metaphors (swallowed stories, overcooked narratives, digested information) are all that now remains of a rich interplay between text and food, in which every element of dining, from preparation to purgation, had its…

    AeBook – 2018-06-13 
    Material Readings in Early Modern Culture

  • Kinship and Gender: An Introduction book cover

    Kinship and Gender

    An Introduction, 6th Edition

    By Linda S. Stone, Diane King

    This undergraduate textbook uses anthropological kinship as a framework for the cross-cultural study of gender. Connecting kinship with gender, Linda Stone focuses on human reproduction and the social and cultural implications of male and female reproductive roles. Her insightful narrative…

    AeBook – 2018-06-12 

  • Modern Motherhood and Women’s Dual Identities: Rewriting the Sexual Contract book cover

    Modern Motherhood and Women’s Dual Identities

    Rewriting the Sexual Contract

    By Petra Bueskens

    Why do women in contemporary western societies experience contradiction between their autonomous and maternal selves? What are the origins of this contradiction and the associated ‘double shift’ that result in widespread calls to either ‘lean in’ or ‘opt out’? How are some mothers subverting these…

    eBook – 2018-05-28 
    Routledge Research in Gender and Society

  • NO BODY: Clinical Constructions of Gender and Transsexuality - Pathologisation, Violence and Deconstruction book cover


    Clinical Constructions of Gender and Transsexuality - Pathologisation, Violence and Deconstruction

    By Miguel Roselló-Peñaloza

    What articulations between bodies, genders and desires are required socio-culturally for recognition of what is human? What happens with those people who do not meet the heteronormative criteria of intelligible life? Are psychology and medicine part of the solution, or part of the problem? This…

    eBook – 2018-05-17
    Concepts for Critical Psychology

  • Slavery and the Death Penalty: A Study in Abolition book cover

    Slavery and the Death Penalty

    A Study in Abolition

    By Bharat Malkani

    It has long been acknowledged that the death penalty in the United States of America has been shaped by the country’s history of slavery and racial violence, but this book considers the lesser-explored relationship between the two practices’ respective abolitionist movements. The book explains how…

    eBook – 2018-05-16
    Law, Justice and Power

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