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  • Children's Drawing and Writing: The Remarkable in the Unremarkable book cover

    Children's Drawing and Writing

    The Remarkable in the Unremarkable, 1st Edition

    By Diane Mavers

    Children’s everyday drawing and writing are paradoxical: charmingly engaging, yet seemingly unremarkable in their ordinariness. This book takes a very close look at what passes by largely unnoticed at home and in school: copying, texts fleetingly present then gone, a picture drawn after the valued…

    eBook – 2011-06-23
    Routledge Research in Education

  • Emergent Computer Literacy: A Developmental Perspective book cover

    Emergent Computer Literacy

    A Developmental Perspective, 1st Edition

    By Helen Mele Robinson

    The United States is currently grappling with how to prepare our students to be computer literate citizens in the competitive technological world we live in. Understanding how children develop computer knowledge, and the ways that adults are able to guide their computer learning experiences, is a…

    eBook – 2008-11-19
    Routledge Research in Education

  • Tracking Adult Literacy and Numeracy Skills: Findings from Longitudinal Research book cover

    Tracking Adult Literacy and Numeracy Skills

    Findings from Longitudinal Research, 1st Edition

    Edited by Stephen Reder, John Bynner

    Understanding the origins of poor literacy and numeracy skills in adulthood and how to improve them is of major importance when society places a high premium on proficiency in these basic skills. This edited collection brings together the results of recent longitudinal studies that greatly extend…

    eBook – 2008-09-16
    Routledge Research in Education

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