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  • Challenging Organized Crime in the Western Hemisphere: A Game of Moves and Countermoves book cover

    Challenging Organized Crime in the Western Hemisphere

    A Game of Moves and Countermoves, 1st Edition

    By Philip B. Heymann, Stephen P. Heymann

    Challenging Organized Crime in the Western Hemisphere: A Game of Moves and Countermoves takes the unusual approach of exploring and describing how organized crime groups develop their capacities in response to heightened powers of law enforcement; and how law enforcement in turn responds, creating…

    eBook – 2018-07-03

  • Extremist Propaganda in Social Media: A Threat to Homeland Security book cover

    Extremist Propaganda in Social Media

    A Threat to Homeland Security, 1st Edition

    By Michael Erbschloe

    Extremist Propaganda in Social Media: A Threat to Homeland Security presents both an analysis of the impact of propaganda in social media and the rise of extremism in mass society from technological and social perspectives. The book identifies the current phenomenon, what shall be dubbed for…

    eBook – 2018-06-28
    CRC Press

  • Investigating Missing Children Cases: A Guide for First Responders and Investigators book cover

    Investigating Missing Children Cases

    A Guide for First Responders and Investigators, 1st Edition

    By Donald F. Sprague

    Time is an abducted child�s worst enemy. Seventy-four percent of abducted children who are murdered are killed within three hours of their abduction. It takes, on the average, two hours for a parent to report a child missing. This gives responders only one hour to get an investigation up and…

    eBook – 2018-06-28
    CRC Press

  • Gender Diversity and LGBTQ Inclusion in K-12 Schools: A Guide to Supporting Students, Changing Lives book cover

    Gender Diversity and LGBTQ Inclusion in K-12 Schools

    A Guide to Supporting Students, Changing Lives, 1st Edition

    By Sharon Verner Chappell, Karyl E. Ketchum, Lisa Richardson

    This exploration of effective practices to support lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (LGBTQ) and gender-diverse students in elementary, middle, and high school contexts focuses on curriculum, pedagogy, and school environment. Narratives and artwork from the field are framed by…

    eBook – 2018-06-27

  • Lexicon of Pulse Crops book cover

    Lexicon of Pulse Crops

    1st Edition

    By Aleksandar Mikić

    Lexicon of Pulse Crops integrates botanical and linguistic data to analyze and interpret the grain legume significance from the earliest archaeological and written records until the present day. Aimed at both agronomic and linguistic research communities, this book presents a database containing…

    eBook – 2018-06-27
    CRC Press

  • Modest_Witness@Second_Millennium. FemaleMan_Meets_OncoMouse: Feminism and Technoscience book cover

    Modest_Witness@Second_Millennium. FemaleMan_Meets_OncoMouse

    Feminism and Technoscience, 2nd Edition

    By Donna J. Haraway, Thyrza Goodeve

    One of the founders of the posthumanities, Donna J. Haraway is professor in the History of Consciousness program at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Author of many books and widely read essays, including the now-classic essay "The Cyborg Manifesto," she received the J.D. Bernal Prize in…

    eBook – 2018-06-27

  • Epistemic Freedom in Africa: Deprovincialization and Decolonization book cover

    Epistemic Freedom in Africa

    Deprovincialization and Decolonization, 1st Edition

    By Sabelo J. Ndlovu-Gatsheni

    Epistemic Freedom in Africa is about the struggle for African people to think, theorize, interpret the world and write from where they are located, unencumbered by Eurocentrism. The imperial denial of common humanity to some human beings meant that in turn their knowledges and experiences lost…

    eBook – 2018-06-27
    Rethinking Development

  • Human Rights and Emerging Technologies: Analysis and Perspectives in Europe book cover

    Human Rights and Emerging Technologies

    Analysis and Perspectives in Europe, 1st Edition

    By Daniele Ruggiu

    What is the state of current European governance on new and emerging technologies, and where is it going? What is, and what can be, the role of human rights in governance arrangements? These are the main questions that this book answers for both European and non-European scholars. It provides a…

    eBook – 2018-06-26
    Jenny Stanford Publishing

  • Multiple Correspondence Analysis for the Social Sciences book cover

    Multiple Correspondence Analysis for the Social Sciences

    1st Edition

    By Johs. Hjellbrekke

    Multiple correspondence analysis (MCA) is a statistical technique that first and foremost has become known through the work of the late Pierre Bourdieu (1930–2002). This book will introduce readers to the fundamental properties, procedures and rules of interpretation of the most commonly used forms…

    eBook – 2018-06-18

  • Performance and Image Enhancing Drugs and Substances: Issues, Influences and Impacts book cover

    Performance and Image Enhancing Drugs and Substances

    Issues, Influences and Impacts, 1st Edition

    By Aaron Smith, Bob Stewart, Kate Westberg, Constantino Stavros

    In the pursuit of more muscle, enhanced strength, sustained endurance and idealised physiques, an increasing number of elite athletes, recreational sport enthusiasts and body-conscious gym-users are turning to performance and image enhancing drugs and substances (PIEDS). In many instances, such use…

    eBook – 2018-06-18

  • Cultural Safety,Healthcare and Vulnerable Populations: A Critical Theoretical Perspective book cover

    Cultural Safety,Healthcare and Vulnerable Populations

    A Critical Theoretical Perspective, 1st Edition

    By Lucy Mkandawire-Valhmu

    Culturally safe healthcare is rapidly challenging previous notions of cultural competency or cultural sensitivity in healthcare provision. The increasing number of vulnerable populations means healthcare must be given by a healthcare provider who has developed a social consciousness in relation to…

    eBook – 2018-06-14

  • Sustainable Intensification of Agriculture: Greening the World's Food Economy book cover

    Sustainable Intensification of Agriculture

    Greening the World's Food Economy, 1st Edition

    By Jules Pretty, Zareen Pervez Bharucha

    Sustainable intensification (SI) has emerged in recent years as a powerful new conceptualisation of agricultural sustainability and has been widely adopted in policy circles and debates. It is defined as a process or system where yields are increased without adverse environmental impact and without…

    eBook – 2018-06-14
    Earthscan Food and Agriculture

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