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  • Desire Lines: Space, Memory and Identity in the Post-Apartheid City book cover

    Desire Lines

    Space, Memory and Identity in the Post-Apartheid City, 1st Edition

    Edited by Noëleen Murray, Nick Shepherd, Martin Hall

    This ground breaking new work draws together a cross-section of South African scholars to provide a lively and comprehensive review of the under-researched area of heritage practice following the introduction of the National Heritage Resources Act. Looking at the daily heritage debates, from naming…

    eBook – 2007-08-07

  • Colonial Modernities: Building, Dwelling and Architecture in British India and Ceylon book cover

    Colonial Modernities

    Building, Dwelling and Architecture in British India and Ceylon, 1st Edition

    Edited by Peter Scriver, Vikramaditya Prakash

    A carefully crafted selection of essays from international experts, this book explores the effect of colonial architecture and space on the societies involved – both the colonizer and the colonized. Focusing on British India and Ceylon, the essays explore the discursive tensions between the…

    eBook – 2007-03-12

  • Moderns Abroad: Architecture, Cities and Italian Imperialism book cover

    Moderns Abroad

    Architecture, Cities and Italian Imperialism, 1st Edition

    By Mia Fuller

    This volume studies the architecture and urbanism of modern-era Italian colonialism (1869-1943) as it sought to build colonies in North and East Africa and the eastern Mediterranean. Mia Fuller follows, not only the design of the physical architecture, but also the development of colonial design…

    eBook – 2007-01-24

  • The Bureaucracy of Beauty: Design in the Age of its Global Reproducibility book cover

    The Bureaucracy of Beauty

    Design in the Age of its Global Reproducibility, 1st Edition

    By Arindam Dutta

    The Bureaucracy of Beauty is a wide-ranging work of cultural theory that connects literary studies, postcoloniality, the history of architecture and design, and the history and present of empire. Professor Ananya Roy of UC Berkeley calls it a "fantastic book," and in many ways this is the best…

    eBook – 2006-11-06

  • Planning on the Edge book cover

    Planning on the Edge

    1st Edition

    By Nick Gallent, Johan Andersson, Marco Bianconi

    More than a tenth of the land mass of the UK comprises 'urban fringe': the countryside around towns that has been called 'planning's last frontier'. One of the key challenges facing spatial planners is the land-use management of this area, regarded by many as fit only for locating sewage works,…

    eBook – 2006-09-27

  • Place, Policy and Politics: Do Localities Matter? book cover

    Place, Policy and Politics

    Do Localities Matter?, 1st Edition

    Edited by Michael Harloe, C.G. Pickvance, John Urry

    The past ten years have seen local government in the UK facing two major challenges: to survive in the face of Thatcher government hostility, and to adapt to enormously powerful forces of economic restructuring which have also been encouraged by government policies. The key aspects of these…

    eBook – 2006-05-23

  • Barrio Urbanism: Chicanos, Planning and American Cities book cover

    Barrio Urbanism

    Chicanos, Planning and American Cities, 1st Edition

    By David R. Diaz

    This, the first book on Latinos in America from an urban planning/policy perspective, covers the last century, and includes a substantial historical overview the subject. The authors trace the movement of Latinos (primarily Chicanos) into American cities from Mexico and then describe the problems…

    eBook – 2005-08-08

  • Regulating Place: Standards and the Shaping of Urban America book cover

    Regulating Place

    Standards and the Shaping of Urban America, 1st Edition

    Edited by Eran Ben-Joseph, Terry S. Szold

    Tracing how codes arose when they did, and how they were adapted over time, the authors examine the increasing influence of regulatory codes over urban design and planning in the past century.…

    eBook – 2005-07-08

  • Planning Futures: New Directions for Planning Theory book cover

    Planning Futures

    New Directions for Planning Theory, 1st Edition

    Edited by Philip Allmendinger, Mark Tewdwr-Jones

    Planning theory is currently in a confused state as a consequence of a number of changes over the last ten years in planning practice and social and economic theory. Even prior to these events, planning theory was an uncertain discipline, reflecting planning's precarious position between and…

    eBook – 2005-06-29

  • Comparative Planning Cultures book cover

    Comparative Planning Cultures

    1st Edition

    Edited by Sanyal Bishwapriya

    Bringing together leading planning and urban scholars, and including fascinating international case studies, this unique book investigates urban planning across the world and in different cultures.…

    eBook – 2005-06-24

  • City of Flows: Modernity, Nature, and the City book cover

    City of Flows

    Modernity, Nature, and the City, 1st Edition

    By Maria Kaika

    Typically, cities and nature are perceived as geographic opposites, cities being manufactured social creations, and nature being outside of human construction. Through a historical geography of water in the modern city, Kaika shows that this is not the case. Rather, nature and the modern city are…

    eBook – 2004-12-27

  • Urban Futures: Critical Commentaries on shaping Cities book cover

    Urban Futures

    Critical Commentaries on shaping Cities, 1st Edition

    Edited by Tim Hall, Malcolm Miles

    Urban Futures brings together commentaries from a wide range of contemporary disciplines and fields relevant to urban culture, form and society. The book concerns cities in the broadest sense, not just as buildings and spaces, but also as processes and events or sites of occupation, in which…

    eBook – 2004-11-23

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