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  • Inspections and Reports on Dwellings: Reporting for Buyers book cover

    Inspections and Reports on Dwellings

    Reporting for Buyers, 2nd Edition

    By Ian A. Melville, Ian A. Gordon

    This new edition of Reporting for Buyers provides guidance for the surveyor on setting out the findings of the inspection in a clear, unambiguous and unequivocal way. The book provides a full, critical look at the current situation, describing the various types of report currently available to the…

    eBook – 2016-02-05

  • Cities, Slums and Gender in the Global South: Towards a feminised urban future book cover

    Cities, Slums and Gender in the Global South

    Towards a feminised urban future, 1st Edition

    By Sylvia Chant, Cathy McIlwaine

    Developing regions are set to account for the vast majority of future urban growth, and women and girls will become the majority inhabitants of these locations in the Global South. This is one of the first books to detail the challenges facing poorer segments of the female population who commonly…

    eBook – 2015-12-22

  • Sustainable Urban Energy Policy: Heat and the city book cover

    Sustainable Urban Energy Policy

    Heat and the city, 1st Edition

    By David Hawkey, Janette Webb, Heather Lovell, David McCrone, Margaret Tingey, Mark Winskel

    Minimising the most severe risks of climate change means ending societal dependence on fossil fuels, and radically improving the efficiency with which we use all energy sources. Such deliberate transformative change is, however, without precedent. Sustainable Urban Energy Policy debates the major…

    eBook – 2015-12-14
    Routledge Studies in Energy Policy

  • Leadership and the City: Power, strategy and networks in the making of knowledge cities book cover

    Leadership and the City

    Power, strategy and networks in the making of knowledge cities, 1st Edition

    By Markku Sotarauta

    The 21st century has been dominated by an almost compulsive race to find new pathways for city development. As cities seek to regenerate via the knowledge-based economy, now more than ever dynamic leadership is required order to navigate new and complex challenges while building community…

    eBook – 2015-11-06
    Regions and Cities

  • People's Spaces: Coping, Familiarizing, Creating book cover

    People's Spaces

    Coping, Familiarizing, Creating, 1st Edition

    By Nihal Perera

    Who controls space? Powerful corporations, institutions, and individuals have great power to create physical and political space through income and influence. People’s Spaces attempts to understand the struggle between people and institutions in the spaces they make. Current literature on cities…

    eBook – 2015-10-23

  • Urban Heritage, Development and Sustainability: International Frameworks, National and Local Governance book cover

    Urban Heritage, Development and Sustainability

    International Frameworks, National and Local Governance, 1st Edition

    Edited by Sophia Labadi, William Logan

    More than half of the world’s population now live in urban areas, and cities provide the setting for contemporary challenges such as population growth, mass tourism and unequal access to socio-economic opportunities. Urban Heritage, Development and Sustainability examines the impact of these issues…

    eBook – 2015-10-23
    Key Issues in Cultural Heritage

  • Neon Metropolis: How Las Vegas Started the Twenty-First Century book cover

    Neon Metropolis

    How Las Vegas Started the Twenty-First Century, 1st Edition

    By Hal Rothman

    First published in 2003. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.…

    eBook – 2015-10-15

  • Gender, Asset Accumulation and Just Cities: Pathways to transformation book cover

    Gender, Asset Accumulation and Just Cities

    Pathways to transformation, 1st Edition

    Edited by Caroline O.N. Moser

    With more than half the world’s population now living in urban areas, urbanisation is undoubtedly one of the most important phenomena of the 21st century. However, despite increasing recognition of the critical relationship between economic and social development in cities, gender issues are often…

    eBook – 2015-10-05

  • Great British Plans: Who made them and how they worked book cover

    Great British Plans

    Who made them and how they worked, 1st Edition

    By Ian Wray

    Can the British plan? Sometimes it seems unlikely. Across the world we see grand designs and visionary projects: new airport terminals, nuclear power stations, high-speed railways, and glittering buildings. It all seems an unattainable goal on Britain’s small and crowded island; and yet perhaps…

    eBook – 2015-09-25
    Planning, History and Environment Series

  • Cities in Crisis: Socio-spatial impacts of the economic crisis in Southern European cities book cover

    Cities in Crisis

    Socio-spatial impacts of the economic crisis in Southern European cities, 1st Edition

    Edited by Jörg Knieling, Frank Othengrafen

    In recent years, European societies and territories have witnessed the spatial impacts of a severe financial and socio-economic crisis. This book builds on the current debate concerning how cities and urban regions and their citizens deal with the consequences of the recent financial and…

    eBook – 2015-09-16
    Regions and Cities

  • Cities and Agriculture: Developing Resilient Urban Food Systems book cover

    Cities and Agriculture

    Developing Resilient Urban Food Systems, 1st Edition

    Edited by Henk de Zeeuw, Pay Drechsel

    As people increasingly migrate to urban settings and more than half of the world's population now lives in cities, it is vital to plan and provide for sustainable and resilient food systems which reflect this challenge. This volume presents experience and evidence-based "state of the art" chapters…

    eBook – 2015-09-16
    Earthscan Food and Agriculture

  • Economy and Architecture book cover

    Economy and Architecture

    1st Edition

    Edited by Juliet Odgers, Mhairi McVicar, Stephen Kite

    Economy and Architecture addresses a timely, critical, and much-debated topic in both its historical and contemporary dimensions. From the Apple Store in New York City, to the street markets of the Pan American Highway; from commercial Dubai to the public schools of Australia, this book takes a…

    eBook – 2015-07-16

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