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  • Defending Qualitative Research: Design, Analysis, and Textualization book cover

    Defending Qualitative Research

    Design, Analysis, and Textualization, 1st Edition

    By Mario Cardano

    Focussing on the phases of qualitative research which precede and follow fieldwork – design, analysis, and textualization – this book offers new theoretical tools to tackle one of the most common criticisms advanced against qualitative research: its presumed lack of rigour. Rejecting the notion of…

    eBook – 2020-02-20
    Routledge Advances in Research Methods

  • The Executive Medical Services Professional: What It Takes to Get to the Top! book cover

    The Executive Medical Services Professional

    What It Takes to Get to the Top!, 1st Edition

    By Donna Goestenkors, Georgia Day

    Medical Services Professionals (MSPs) hold a unique place in the healthcare industry. Medical Staff leaders, practitioners and providers rely on MSPs to ensure qualitative regulatory compliance, performance improvement, accreditation, credentialing and governance for physicians, practitioners, and…

    eBook – 2020-02-20
    Productivity Press

  • Legalizing Cannabis: Experiences, Lessons and Scenarios book cover

    Legalizing Cannabis

    Experiences, Lessons and Scenarios, 1st Edition

    Edited by Tom Decorte, Simon Lenton, Chris Wilkins

    Marijuana is the most widely used illegal drug in the world. Over the past couple of decades, several Western jurisdictions have seen reforms in, or changes to, the way cannabis use is being controlled, departing from traditional approaches of criminal prohibition that have dominated cannabis use…

    eBook – 2020-02-20
    Routledge Studies in Crime and Society

  • Netanyahu and Likud’s Leaders: The Israeli Princes book cover

    Netanyahu and Likud’s Leaders

    The Israeli Princes, 1st Edition

    By Gil Samsonov

    This research discusses the second-generation Likud leaders, known as the Princes, who have dominated Israeli politics for most of the last three decades: their relations with their parents and the extent to which they have followed in (or diverged from) their footsteps. The main theme seeks to…

    eBook – 2020-02-20
    Israeli History, Politics and Society

  • Claude Steiner, Emotional Activist: The Life and Work of Claude Michel Steiner book cover

    Claude Steiner, Emotional Activist

    The Life and Work of Claude Michel Steiner, 1st Edition

    Edited by Keith Tudor

    This book describes the work and life of Claude Michel Steiner, a close colleague and friend of Eric Berne, the founder of transactional analysis. Steiner was an early and influential transactional analyst, an exponent of radical psychiatry, and the founder of emotional literacy. Steiner also…

    eBook – 2020-02-20

  • Thinking the Sculpture Garden: Art, Plant, Landscape book cover

    Thinking the Sculpture Garden

    Art, Plant, Landscape, 1st Edition

    Edited by Penny Florence

    This innovative book poses two, deceptively simple, questions: what is a sculpture garden, and what happens when you give equal weight to the main elements of landscape, planting and artwork? Its wide-ranging frame of reference, including the USA, Europe and Japan, is brought into focus through…

    eBook – 2020-02-20

  • Mambila Divination: Framing Questions, Constructing Answers book cover

    Mambila Divination

    Framing Questions, Constructing Answers, 1st Edition

    By David Zeitlyn

    This book offers a major contribution to the study and analysis of divination, based on continuing fieldwork with the Mambila in Cameroon. It seeks to return attention to the details of divinatory practice, using the questions asked and life histories to help understand the perspective of the…

    eBook – 2020-02-20
    Routledge Studies in Anthropology

  • Romanesque Saints, Shrines, and Pilgrimage book cover

    Romanesque Saints, Shrines, and Pilgrimage

    1st Edition

    Edited by John McNeill, Richard Plant

    The 23 chapters in this volume explore the material culture of sanctity in Latin Europe and the Mediterranean between c. 1000 and c. 1220, with a focus on the ways in which saints and relics were enshrined, celebrated, and displayed. Reliquary cults were particularly important during the…

    eBook – 2020-02-20
    The British Archaeological Association Romanesque Transactions

  • Evaluating the K–12 Literacy Curriculum: A Step by Step Guide for Auditing Programs, Materials, and Instructional Approaches book cover

    Evaluating the K–12 Literacy Curriculum

    A Step by Step Guide for Auditing Programs, Materials, and Instructional Approaches, 1st Edition

    By Colleen Pennell

    As your school district undertakes the process of evaluating its K–12 reading program, literacy curriculum, or literacy instructional practices, this book will be your go-to resource. Pennell offers a step-by-step guide for educators, school leaders, or professional learning communities to evaluate…

    eBook – 2020-02-20

  • Shooting Terror: Terrorism in Hindi Films book cover

    Shooting Terror

    Terrorism in Hindi Films, 1st Edition

    By Meenakshi Bharat

    Shooting Terror highlights the disturbing immediacy of acts of terror and how cinema responds to them. It follows the changing representations of terrorism in Hindi cinema by fielding in-depth textual analyses of films such as Roja, Maachis, Black Friday, Tere Bin Laden, Uri: The Surgical Strike,…

    eBook – 2020-02-20
    Routledge India

  • North America's Natural Wonders: Appalachians, Colorado Rockies, Austin-Big Bend Country, Sierra Madre book cover

    North America's Natural Wonders

    Appalachians, Colorado Rockies, Austin-Big Bend Country, Sierra Madre, 1st Edition

    By Gary Prost

    Written by a career geologist with decades of experience in the field, North America’s Natural Wonders guides readers through the most iconic, geologically significant scenery in North America, points out features of interest, explains what they are seeing, and describes how these features came to…

    eBook – 2020-02-20
    CRC Press
    Geologic Tours of the World

  • Cross-Strait Relations Since 2016: The End of the Illusion book cover

    Cross-Strait Relations Since 2016

    The End of the Illusion, 1st Edition

    By J. Michael Cole

    Cross-Strait Relations Since 2016: The End of the Illusion examines the situation in the Taiwan Strait since the election of Tsai Ing-wen of the Democratic Progressive Party in the January 2016 general elections. Tracking the pragmatic approach taken by the Tsai administration, this book…

    eBook – 2020-02-20
    Routledge Research on Taiwan Series

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