E-books: Book Series

Asia, Europe, and Global Connections

Culture, History, and Trans-Area Studies

Series Editors:

Editorial board:

Ulrich Baer, New York University, USA

Stephen Clark, The University of Tokyo, Japan

Adam Clulow, University of Texas, Austin, USA

Jeroen Dewulf, University of California Berkeley, USA

Irmela Hijiya-Kirschnereit, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany

Christopher Lupke, University of Alberta, Canada

Ann Marie Rasmussen, University of Waterloo, Canada

Simon Richter, University of Pennsylvania, USA

Dominic Sachsenmaier, University of Göttingen, Germany

Qinna Shen, Bryn Mawr College, USA

Laurence Williams, Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan

Given the rising interdisciplinary interest in studying Asia and Europe in a global context, this series aims to publish innovative studies of connections and comparisons between Europe and Asia in all historical periods. It supports advanced research in Asian European relations and fosters our understanding of the entanglements and disconnections between and beyond these two major cultural and geographical areas. Much work on Asia and Europe studies these regions in isolation, without making comparisons and contrasts with other regions of the world and without drawing out the lessons from one region which may be applicable elsewhere. Asia and Europe contain histories of cultural and economic exchange, forms of enlightenment and reasoning, colonialism, imperialism, nation building, fascism, militarism, and democratization, and an understanding that connects these areas of knowledge will yield new insights into globally shared history and envision a more integrated future. The series includes work on literary, cultural, and historical connections and comparisons; it also welcomes scholarship on contemporary issues, ranging from economics to sociology and popular culture. In terms of theory it supports non-Eurocentric and non-ethnocentric approaches. Studies on Asian and European connections in other parts of the world such as the Americas are also welcome. New proposals are welcome and should be sent in the first instance to the editors: Chunjie Zhang ([email protected]), Stefan Keppler-Tasaki ([email protected]) and Reto Hofmann ([email protected]).