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Routledge Studies on Asia and the Anthropocene

Asia has a long history of human settlement and human modification of Asian natures occurred through varied historical processes such as agriculture, urbanization, pastoralism and the rise of nomadic empires, medieval commerce and proto-industrialization. Despite these histories, most writers on the Anthropocene conclude that it began in Atlantic Europe and North America, raising the question of to what extent the concept reflects traditional Eurocentric views of the ‘Rise of the West’. From a natural science perspective, are the criteria used to identify the geological and biological changes associated with the onset of the Anthropocene shared across the world or are there important differences in regions such as Asia?

Although the Anthropocene began as a concept in the natural sciences, it has proven useful as an idea to bring together research in both natural and human sciences. Research on the Anthropocene and the environmental humanities has been an especially noticeable field in recent years. However, perspectives from Asia still remain limited. This series focuses on the Anthropocene and its problems and potentials from an Asian perspective, as well as placing Asian examples in a global context.

Titles in this series will be of great interest to students and researchers in archaeology, geography, history, ecology, agriculture, environmental humanities, and sustainability science.

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