E-books: Book Series

Routledge Studies in Peace, Conflict and Security in Africa

Series Editor:
  • Cyril Obi
    Social Science Research Council, USA

The book series reflects the diversities and emerging trends in Africa’s conflict, peace and security terrain. It promotes innovative and deep insights into the complexities, shifts as well as continuities in the conflict, peace and security landscapes across the continent after the Cold war, and particularly since the turn of the century. The series responds to the demand for new analyses that systematically unpack and provide fresh perspectives to existing and emerging trends, and actors: individual, non-state, state, cross-border, regional and transnational, including the connections between the local, the regional and global levels and institutions. Issues to be covered span diverse approaches to conflict, violence, security, peacebuilding, politics, resource governance, regional and global interventions, and transitional justice among others. The series include full-length single-authored monographs, multi-authored books, edited collections and high quality thesis conversions based on cutting-edge innovative and original research on Africa.