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  • 10 Things That Help Millennials Thrive

    Google “Millennials at work” and you won’t find much positive commentary – even from Millennials themselves. It’s easy to pile on to the negativity, but it’s unproductive to jump on this bandwagon. A business without a Millennial is a business without a future, so now’s the time to learn how to help Millennials thrive on your team. And you’ll find that when Millennials thrive, so do their older colleagues.

  • Why It’s Important To Listen To Women Leaders

    Listen to learn, not reply. This is a fundamental rule of active listening. It’s also a key tenant of effective leadership. Female leadership and male leadership.In this article, author Lee Caraher tells us the importance of having women in leadership roles and the insight they share. 

  • Winner of the Nautilus Award

    Congratulations to author Wendy Wallbridge, whose book Spiraling Upward won two prizes for the 2016 Nautilus Award:  gold medal-winner in the "Women" category and silver medal-winner in the "Business & Leadership" category.

  • 3 Easy Ways to Undermine Change

    In Make Waves, author Patti Johnson explores the behaviors and habits essential for starting a successful change.  But what about the ways we accidentally undermine our own power for change?

  • The Latest Research from RSA is Now Available as Open Access

    Download People, Places and Policy: Knowing contemporary Wales through new localities, edited by Martin Jones, Scott Orford and Victoria Macfarlane for free from Routledge and The Regional Studies Association

  • Introducing the Integrated Marketing Communication textbook

    Jerome M. Juska author of Integrated Marketing Communication presents this brand new video to introduce his book and describes it as an 'introduction to IMC Textbook. Includes strategic planning, marketing segmentation, target audiences, creative development, media plans, sales promotion, public relations, and digital media. Designed for MBA students, small business owners, and entrepreneurs.'

    "This textbook presents brand-oriented strategies. It helps students understand the importance of segmentation, targeting, and budget planning. A tremendous help for creative, media, and promotional planning and an excellent roadmap for building an IMC Plan."

    - Tulay Girard, The Pennsylvania State University Altoona Campus, USA

  • Kick Start Your Career - Free Infographic

    Lee Smith and John van Genderen, authors of the book Kick Start Your Career have created a FREE infographic offering 5 Steps to Kick Start Your Career!

    ‘Kick Start Your Career is a comprehensive international guide to help graduate job seekers. It covers all aspects from resumes, cover letters to social media techniques and interviews. A key resource for graduates. I can strongly recommend this book to all students and graduates searching for a good job’.

    - Professor Ruizhi CHEN, Director, LIESMARS, Wuhan University, China.

  • Interviews with Deirdre Breakenridge

    Deirdre Breakenridge, communication expert and author is interviewed about her book, Answers for Modern Communicators: A Guide to Effective Business Communications.

    "Packed with insights and real-life examples, Breakenridge’s new book offers the best answers to PR professionals’ many questions about our industry and how it’s evolving (...)" - Martin Waxman

  • OUHK Textbook Roadshow 2018

    Welcome to Taylor & Francis Textbook Roadshow at Open University of Hong Kong.

    You will find here the titles on display at the Roadshow.
    Lecturers are welcome to request inspection copies if you are teaching a relevant course.

    We will be bringing the latest titles in:

    Communication Studies, Corporate Social Responsibility, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Finance & Accounting, HRM, Information Systems, International Business, Leadership, Marketing, Operation Management, Tourism and Hospitality.

  • Author Q&A with Steven Rosefielde and Jonathan Leightner

    We are pleased to share our Q&A with Steven Rosefielde and Jonathan Leightner, Authors of China’s Market Communism: Challenges, Dilemmas, Solutions.

  • Routledge Titles Featured in the Best Banking Law Books of All Time!

    In a ranking from the BookAuthority, 8 Routledge titles have been featured in the 41 Best Banking Law Books of All Time. Browse our titles below or you can find the full list here.