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Forbes Contributor, Alice Mann

Alice Mann, author of soon to be released title, Future First: How Successful Leaders Turn Innovation Challenges into New Value Frontiers, is now a contributor for Forbes.

Alice Mann advises senior executives to build their leadership teams and design their organizations to achieve their mission and strategy. Mann has consulted with and coached scores of leaders of global Fortune 500 companies, preeminent non-profits, and social enterprises to inspire and deliver strong performance results. 

As a Forbes contributor, Mann discusses how leaders can embrace global challenges as innovation opportunities. Read her first article, Four Questions To Help Futureproof Your Company or visit her page on here.


Weinstein, Murdoch, Kalanick: The Perils Of The Powerful Lone Leader -- And A Glimpse Of Another Way

What can we learn not just from the recent fall of film producer Harvey Weinstein but from the latest parade of fallen leaders across multiple sectors and industries? Well, for starters, sexual harassment and assault by men in powerful leadership positions is not just a failure of their individual character and ethics; it’s a failure of the leadership models that empower them.

So what are the leadership alternatives for companies that want to avoid the liabilities associated with this model? Find out by reading Mann's article now.


Play At Full Power: Move Beyond Goal-Setting

Many companies set annual strategic goals or priorities. Just like setting your sights on getting into great shape, company-wide goal setting often does lead to better performance. But goals are just the targets. Your biggest challenge as a leader comes next: Helping the people on your team deliberately choose how to spend their precious time, attention and energy on achieving those business goals.

So how do you get your team laser-focused on hitting these targets? Find out here!


Mann talks about How Business Leaders Can Make The Planet Great Again, in her latest article, with three key points: 

1. They embrace sustainability as an innovation opportunity.
2. They get over their presentism.
3. They develop integrative thinking.

Check out the article now to find out more!

Stay tuned for more Forbes articles from Alice Mann...

Future First

Future First is a practical guide for any business leader who wants to build, expand, or reinvent their company by finding new value in global challenges. Traditional companies often view issues like income equality, global warming, and resource scarcity as "problems." By contrast, future first leaders understand them as opportunities, as innovation challenges.

Through real-life business examples ranging from Nike to Opower, this book lays out how to identify and adapt the future first leadership mindset and business capabilities required to achieve lasting and integrated performance results

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