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New from Harry Glorikian: MoneyBall Medicine

Welcome to the Age of MoneyBall Medicine.

An insider’s view of data-driven approaches in healthcare

“We face a perfect storm: A medical profession, reluctant to emerge from principles of apprenticeship and autonomous practice to evidence-based approaches, and a healthcare industry never designed for efficiency and interoperability. Glorikian and Branca highlight real (entrepreneurial) opportunity to use big data and emerging analytic approaches to get out of this misery—and revolutionize the way healthcare is delivered to ever more data-conscious, engaged patients.”
--Christoph Wald, MD, PhD, MBA, FACR, Chairman, Department of Radiology &
President of the Medical Staff, Lahey Hospital & Medical Center

During their interviews with more than 30 industry leaders, authors Glorikian and Branca ask:

  • What are the trends in healthcare, from drug discovery to delivery of care? What is the future of precision medicine? Of digital health? Of value-based care?
  • What are more than 100 companies, government agencies, and non-profits—including Apple, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and Genetic Alliance —doing to bring bold new ideas to healthcare?
  • How are advances in areas such as genomics, electronic health records, digital devices, artificial intelligence, and consumer-directed websites shaping the next generation of healthcare?

“As our ability to collect and analyze data improves, the predictability of what people need is enhanced. This will result in more precise medicine, with better customized treatment plans for our patients. This book is ahead of its time, bringing together concepts of new innovations aimed at improving healthcare delivery.”
--Dr. Kathryn Teng, MD, MBA, Executive Leader, and Division Chief at MetroHealth
Medical Center

With more than 50 years of combined experience tracking and forecasting healthcare trends, Glorikian and Branca (see About the Authors) offer chapters on precision medicine, personalized cancer treatment, prenatal genetic testing, price and quality transparency, and more (see full Table of Contents).

“Glorikian and Branca describe the confluence of entrepreneurial innovation and the many entrenched and evolving components of the health care supply chain, and define the parameters that predict who will win and who will lose.”
--Glenn D. Steele, Jr., MD, PhD, Chairman of xG Health Solutions, Vice-Chair of Health
Transformation Alliance, and past CEO of Geisinger Health System

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  • MoneyBall Medicine

    Thriving in the New Data-Driven Healthcare Market, 1st Edition

    By Harry Glorikian, Malorye Allison Branca

    How can a smartwatch help patients with diabetes manage their disease? Why can’t patients find out prices for surgeries and other procedures before they happen? How can researchers speed up the decade-long process of drug development? How will "Precision Medicine" impact patient care outside of…

    Hardback – 2017-11-16
    Productivity Press

Harry Glorikian asks, how can healthcare entrepreneurs find success in the data-driven market?

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