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Books on Rigor by Barbara Blackburn

Bestselling author and noted rigor expert Barbara Blackburn shares the secrets to increase rigor for students with Rigor in Your Classroom, Rigor for Students with Special Needs, Rigor Made Easy, Rigor Is NOT a Four-Letter Word, Rigor in Your School and Rigorous Schools and Classrooms.

Rigor in Your Classroom
By Barbara R. Blackburn
This book is a treasure chest of more than 200 practical and highly-effective tools that can be used across grade levels and subject areas to increase student rigor, leading your students to higher engagement and deeper learning. Rigor in Your Classroom will be your go-to resource throughout the school year, as you continually return to it to try new tools with your students. Bonus: The tools are accompanied by graphic organizers, charts, templates, and reproducibles for easy implementation.

By Barbara R. Blackburn and Bradley S. Witzel
This practical, easy-to-read guide explains how to raise the rigor for students with special needs so they can achieve higher levels of learning.

Rigor Made Easy
By Barbara R. Blackburn
This primer provides teachers and administrators with a clear, practical introduction to rigor. Bestselling author Barbara Blackburn explains what rigor looks like in the classroom and how it can be used to bring all students to higher levels of learning.
You’ll learn how to raise the level of content, increase complexity, provide appropriate support and guidance, and raise expectations.
By Barbara R. Blackburn
With this new edition of a teacher-tested best seller, you get practical ideas for increasing text complexity, providing scaffolding during reading instruction creating open-ended projects, and much more!
With strategies for educators of all subjects and grade levels, Blackburn demonstrates how to raise expectations, motivate students, and increase the complexity of classroom activities.
By Ronald Williamson and Barbara R. Blackburn
Raise the level of rigor in your school and dramatically improve student learning with the tools in this book. Each illuminating exercise is tailored to educators looking to spread the word on rigor and beat the obstacles to achieving it schoolwide.

Rigorous Schools and Classrooms
By Ronald Williamson and Barbara R. Blackburn
Turn your school into a student-centered learning environment, where rigor is at the heart of instruction in every classroom. This comprehensive guide to establishing a schoolwide culture of rigor is for principals and other administrators who want to create the conditions in which rigorous classrooms flourish.

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