Author FAQs: Marketing

Q. How will my book be marketed?

Marketing and promotion of your book start before publication. Marketing, editorial, and production ensure that information about your book is fed to major distributors globally. This includes Amazon, Ingrams, Baker & Taylor, and Nielsen Book Data (which in turn feeds smaller booksellers and distributors). This ensures that your book appears on bookselling sites globally, and is promoted by our partners to libraries worldwide.

Your book is also included in catalogs which are distributed globally by our sales teams. This includes our ‘New Books’ quarterly catalog and subject-specific catalogs, which are used by our sales teams to make customers aware of titles in their areas of interest. This can range from large-scale booksellers and distributors working across many different areas, to specialized bookshops, libraries or organizations that focus on a particular discipline.

Our marketing department is focused on particular customer segments so that we can match our content and services to the customer’s needs and interests. We have dedicated teams focused on academic faculty, libraries, professional markets, and the corporations and other organizations where they work. With a combination of multi-channel campaigns aligned with sales, key activities include the promotion of print and online resources to librarians, increasing the use of textbooks by instructors and students, and working with organizations to support professional and personal development.

We also have an author team whose job is to support you with self-promotion. Support can include creating discounted flyers to share with your network, designing banner artwork to share on your social media platforms, support with events, and more.

Q. How will my Open Access title be marketed?

In addition to the above marketing, Open Access (OA) books are highlighted with a blue ‘Book Content Available Open Access’ button on the book webpage on the Taylor & Francis website, which links to Taylor & Francis eBooks ( where the OA version can be downloaded or viewed online. For books with only individual chapter(s) available OA, the blue button links directly to the chapter PDFs.

Open Access titles are also included within our OA online collection. Additionally, the Open Access version of the book is deposited in OAPEN (Open Access Publishing in European Networks) and a free eBook is available from commercial distributors such as Amazon.

For Open Access book marketing questions, please email: [email protected]

Q. How can I promote my book?

There are many ways you can help promote and market your newly published book. Here are some marketing tips on how to get started. 

Q. How do I request a flyer for my book?

Taylor and Francis can supply you with a PDF copy of your book flyer highlighting the unique attributes of your book for you to share with your network. Here’s how we suggest you use this flyer:

  • Distribute your flyer to your colleagues, business associates, librarians, and co-workers who might be interested in using your book to further their research or purchasing it for their libraries
  • If your book is an edited volume, send copies of the flyer to your contributors so that they can distribute it to their networks as well
  • When you go to conferences, whether attending or speaking, take copies of your flyer with you and distribute them to audiences keen to learn more

To request a flyer, please complete our short flyer request form by clicking the button below.

Request flyers

For Apple Academic Press authors and editors: please request flyers from [email protected]

PLEASE NOTE: We are currently unable to supply printed flyers. 

Q. Who do review copies go to?

We send monthly review bulletins to a database of over 10,000 approved reviewers in the media and journals. 
If you have personal contacts who have expressed an interest in reviewing your book for a relevant publication, please ask them to complete our online request form. Reviewers are asked to share the published review with us so that any positive quotes can be added to our database. In turn, the quote is fed to your book's webpage on, Amazon, and other online booksellers, as well as used in marketing campaigns. 
If you find any reviews that aren't on, please share them with us and we'll be happy to add them. 
If you have any specific review-related questions, please contact your editor or editorial assistant in the first instance.

Please note we do not distribute mass review copy mailings for sustainability reasons. At the current time we are also not able to provide reviewer bulletins or collection pages for Science and Engineering lists. We have a database of over 10K media and journal contacts who we work with to secure reviews for your book.


Q. I want to organize a book launch. How can Taylor and Francis help me with this?

Your local T&F office can assist you to promote your book launch, get in touch with us directly to see how we can help:

North and South America: [email protected]
Australia and New Zealand: [email protected]
The UK, Europe, and rest of the world: [email protected]
Asia - [email protected]
South Asia - [email protected]
ANZ[email protected]

Q. I'm attending an event/conference. What support can you offer?

To boost your profile at events and conferences we can provide you with marketing materials, like discounted book flyers, to support your networking activities. You can request event marketing materials by filling out our Author Event Support Request Form by clicking on the button below. 

Request event support

Q. Are you an author based in Asia, Australia, or New Zealand?

We have local teams that can support you in marketing your book/s. They can:

  • Provide flyers in local currency
  • Support you at events and conferences
  • Assist with local media and promotions

Asia - [email protected]
South Asia - [email protected]
ANZ[email protected]