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ASEES Summer Conference 2019

In honour of the upcoming ASEES Summer Conference on the 14th-16th June, we're offering a 20% discount across our entire range of Area Studies Books. 

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This year's theme for the Association of Slavic, Eastern Europe and Eurasian Studies Summer Conference is 'Culture Wars'. 

This focuses on the ways in which groups and individuals create differing and opposing ways of understanding societies and the world. As culture wars become more of an issue across the globe, we have collected a group of titles that explore various aspects of this notion. Browse these titles below or explore our collection of new products here!

Key Titles

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Free Chapter

Have you downloaded your free chapter from Russia's Middle East Policy? We've made The Syrian Tragedy: The Birth of the Monsters by Alexey Vasiliev available to download. This chapter is a key component of the books's overall mission of charting the development of Russia's relations with the Middle East from 1950 onwards. 

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