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10 Ways To Structure Your Literary Skills

Learn How to Structure Your Engineering Writing Effectively
The Authors Invite You to Begin with These 10 Ways to Improve Your Literary Skills

Engineering Writing by Design: Creating Formal Documents of Lasting Value
By: Edward J. Rothwell and Michael J. Cloud

10 essential things you will learn from this book:

  • How to apply your engineering skills to design a document, thereby saving lots of time and money
  • How important good writing is to producing a winning grant proposal
  • Why your boss may be disappointed with monthly status reports
  • A great way to get over your writer's block – using a mind map
  • That potential employers expect their new hires to be good writers on day one
  • How to make your documents visually appealing by using signpost headings
  • That checking for errors in your writing can save you from embarrassing moments
  • How important it is for you to polish your writing beyond the “good enough” stage if you want your writing to have impact
  • That you can present your positive attributes in written form and thereby demonstrate your value to your company
  • How to use fallacies in your competitors' arguments to gain a business advantage


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