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R is constantly growing, with new versions of the core software released regularly and more than 13,000 packages available. It is difficult for the documentation to keep pace with the expansion of the software, which led to the launch of The  R Series.

Our books appeal to programmers and developers of Rsoftware, as well as applied statisticians and data analysts in many fields. 

John Kimmel

Executive Editor

Data Science, Statistics

Science and Medicine

John Kimmel  publishes advanced undergraduate and graduate textbooks,  research  monographs, computer related books especially on R and Python, and handbooks on statistics and data science.

[email protected]

David Grubbs

Senior Editor

Data Science, Statistics

Science and Medicine

David Grubbs has been at CRC Press for 16 years and commissions books in all areas of statistics and data science including but not limited to statistical theory and methods, biostatistics, pharmaceutical statistics, statistical and machine learning, statistical software, computational and applied statistics, books in R and Python, environmental statistics, data analytics and Bayesian statistics.

[email protected]

Rob Calver

Senior Publisher

Mathematics, Physics, Statistics

Science and Medicine

Senior Publisher for Mathematics, Statistics, and Physics. Commissions books in statistics and data science.

[email protected]

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