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This CRC Press FreeBook contains excerpts from five books covering a range of topics within game design and development. 

  • "The Foundations of Game Balance" from Game Balance helps readers understand different types of game balance and how to approach balance when designing a game
  • In "What it Means to be a Video Game Animator" from Game Anim, author Jonathan Cooper explains the role of a game animator and the technical skills required to be a great animator
  • "Games Writing as a Discipline" from Writing for Games discusses some of the specifics around writing and storytelling in videogames, when it's not narrative design.
  • "Introduction to Quest Design" from Quests gives an introduction to the theory and history of quests in games.
  • "The Future of Game Development" from Game Development 2042 discusses the way we make games, from tools to teams, to funding models.

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