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Academics Engaging with Student Writing & providing meaningful feedback

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This sampler has engaging content from three key titles looking into academics engaging with student writing and providing feedback in Higher Education. 

The first chapter covers 'Academics’ experiences of engaging with student texts' delves into the area of student writing, which has long been viewed as a problem in higher education in the UK. Moreover, the sector has consistently performed poorly in the National Student Survey with regard to assessment and feedback. Academics Engaging with Student Writing tackles these major issues from a new and unique angle, exploring the real-life experiences of academic teachers from different institutions as they set, support, read, respond to and assess assignments undertaken by undergraduate students.

The second chapter, explores issues of trust, emotion, power and identity in feedback. Two key examples from the literature are used to illustrate the impact of feedback on students’ identity and self-esteem. A feedback design case collated through the Feedback Cultures project illustrates how screencast feedback can enhance the perceived personalisation of feedback exchanges.

Finally the third chapter, suggests five propositions to ensure that assessment and feedback are integral to learning and genuinely contribute to it, rather than being simply a means of capturing evidence of achievement of stated outcome

This chapter sampler will be of interest to researchers, academics and postgraduate students in the fields of academic literacies, higher education, language and literacy, language in higher education, English for academic purposes and assessment.

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