Accessibility and Advocacy for Students with Disabilities Chapter Sampler

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This Chapter Sampler features excerpts from books exploring the topic of accessibility and advocacy for students with disabilities, including the following:

1.  Chapter 1: Approaches and Frameworks That Support Students Who Are d/Deaf or Hard of Hearing With Disabilities from Deaf and Hard of Hearing Learners With Disabilities: Foundations, Strategies, and Resources edited by Caroline Guardino, Joanna E. Cannon, Peter V. Paul.

2.  Chapter 6: Personal Issues and Services from College Success for Students With Physical Disabilities by Christine Wise Tiedmann.

3.  Chapter 11: Inclusion by David Roth from Behavior Analysis for Effective Teaching by Julie S. Vargas.

4.  Introduction from Using Creativity to Address Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, and Dyscalculia: Assessments and Techniques by Fredricka Reisman, Lori Severino.

5.  Chapter 4: Inclusive education from What Really Works in Special and Inclusive Education: Using Evidence-Based Teaching Strategies by David Mitchell, Dean Sutherland.

6.  Chapter 7: Learning materials and resources for diverse learners from Designing Learning: From Module Outline to Effective Teaching by Christopher Butcher, Clara Davies, Melissa Highton.

7.  Chapter 2: A Different Diversity? Challenging the Exclusion of Disability Studies from Higher Education Research and Practice by Lauren Shallish from Disability as Diversity in Higher Education: Policies and Practices to Enhance Student Success edited By Eunyoung Kim, Katherine C. Aquino.

8.  Chapter 1: Changes in the lives of people with profound intellectual and multiple disabilities by Melanie Nind and Iva Strnadová from Belonging for People with Profound Intellectual and Multiple Disabilities: Pushing the Boundaries of Inclusion edited By Melanie Nind, Iva Strnadova.

9.  Chapter 4: Matters of dyslexia from Teaching Strategies for Neurodiversity and Dyslexia in Actor Training: Sensing Shakespeare by Petronilla Whitfield.

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