Welcome AI Summit London attendees!

Welcome AI Summit London attendees!

CRC Press (Taylor & Francis Group) is proud to introduce attendees of The AI Summit London to our cutting-edge books in Artificial Intelligence and beyond.

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We begin by showcasing the AI for Everything series - short and affordable guides to AI applications and implications in a wide array of topics, from education to the sustainable development goals, cars to sports, and fashion to medicine - and then offer a selection of other titles on introducing AI, mobiles and vehicles, AI applications and data science, AI and society, and introducing machine learning.

AI for Sport AI for Sports

"In AI for Sports, Brady, Tuyls, and Omidshafiei give readers a glimpse into the future and explain just why AI is not only here to stay, but how it will become central to the thinking of team owners, coaches and athletes.” --Mark Ogden, ESPN Senior Football Writer

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AI for Games AI for Games

What is artificial intelligence? How is artificial intelligence used in game development?
Game development lives in its own technical world. It has its own idioms, skills, and challenges. That’s one of the reasons games are so much fun to work on. Each game has its own rules, its own aesthetic, and its own trade-offs, and the hardware it will run on keeps changing. AI for Games is designed to help you understand one element of game development: artificial intelligence (AI).

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AI for School Teachers AI for School Teachers

AI for School Teachers will help teachers and headteachers understand enough about AI to build a strategy for how it can be used in their school. Examining the needs of schools to ensure they are ready to leverage the power of AI and drawing examples from early years to high school students, the book outlines the educational implications and benefits that AI brings to school education in practical ways. The book develops an understanding of what AI is and isn't, of how we define and measure what we value, and provides a framework which supports a step-by-step approach to developing an AI mindset, focusing on ways to improve educational opportunities for students with evidence-informed interventions.

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AI for Learning AI for Learning

AI for Learners examines how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can, and should, impact positively on human learning, whether it be in formal or informal educational and training contexts. The notion of “can” is bound up with ongoing technological developments. The notion of “should” is bound up with an ethical stance that recognises the complimentary capabilities of human and artificial intelligence, as well as the objectives of doing good, not doing harm, increasing justice and maintaining fairness. The book considers the different supporting roles that can help a learner - from AI as a peer to AI as a tutor and AI as an assessor, among others - and examines both the opportunities and risks associated with each.
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AI for Cars AI for Cars

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is undoubtedly playing an increasingly significant role in automobile technology. In fact, cars inhabit one of just a few domains where you will find many AI innovations packed into a single product.
AI for Cars provides a brief guided tour through many different AI landscapes including robotics, image and speech processing, recommender systems and onto deep learning, all within the automobile world. From pedestrian detection to driver monitoring to recommendation engines, the book discusses the background, research and progress thousands of talented engineers and researchers have achieved thus far, and their plans to deploy this life-saving technology all over the world.

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AI for Arts AI for Arts

AI for Arts is a book for anyone fascinated by the man–machine connection, an unstoppable evolution that is intertwining us with technology in an ever-greater degree, and where there is an increasing concern that it will be technology that comes out on top. Thus, presented here through perhaps its most esoteric form, namely art, this unfolding conundrum is brought to its apex. What is left of us humans if artificial intelligence also surpasses us when it comes to art? The articulation of an artificial intelligence art manifesto is long overdue, so hopefully this book can fill a gap that will have repercussions not only for aesthetic and philosophical considerations but possibly more so for the development of artificial intelligence.

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AI for Creatvity AI for Creativity

What is computational creativity? Can AI learn to be creative?
One of the human mind’s most valuable features is the capacity to formulate creative thoughts, an ability that through quantum leap innovations has propelled us to the current digital age. However, creative breakthroughs are easier said than done. Appearing less frequently and more sporadically than desired, it seems that we have not yet fully cracked the creative code. But with the rapid advances in artificial intelligence which have come to provide an ever-closer proximity with the cognitive faculties of mankind, can this emerging technology improve our creative capabilities? What will that look like and will it be the missing link in the man–machine enigma? AI for Creativity provides a fascinating look at what is currently emerging in the very cutting-edge area of artificial intelligence and the tools being developed to enable computational creativity that holds the propensity to dramatically change our lives.

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AI for Death and Dying AI for Death and Dying

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is undoubtedly playing an increasingly significant role in automobile technology. In fact, cars inhabit one of just a few domains where you will find many AI innovations packed into a single product.What is artificial intelligence (AI)? How does AI affect death matters and the digital beyond? How are death and dying handled in our digital age?

AI for Dying and Death covers a broad range of literature, research and challenges around this topic. It explores ethical memorisation, digital legacies and bereavement, post death avatars and AI and the digital beyond. It also analyzes religious perspectives on AI for death and dying, and planning for death in a digital age.

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AI for Digital Warfare AI for Digital Warfare

AI for Digital Warfare explores how the weaponising of artificial intelligence can and will change how warfare is being conducted, and what impact it will have on the corporate world. With artificial intelligence tools becoming increasingly advanced, and in many cases more humanlike, their potential in psychological warfare is being recognised, which means digital warfare can move beyond just shutting down IT systems into more all-encompassing hybrid war strategies.

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AI for Sustainability

AI for the Sustainable Development Goals

Artificial Intelligence has a real impact on our lives and on our environment, and the Sustainable Development Goals enable us to evaluate these impacts in a systematic manner. This book shows that doing so requires us to understand the context of AI – the infrastructure it is built on, who develops it, who owns it, who has access to it, who uses it, and what it is used for – rather than relying on an isolationist theory of technology. By doing so we can analyze the direct effects of AI on sustainability, but also the indirect – or second order – effects. AI for the Sustainable Development Goals shows how AI potentially affects all SDGs. Positively, but also negatively.

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AI For Healthcare Robotics AI for Healthcare Robotics

What is artificial intelligence? What are healthcare robotics? How can AI and healthcare robotics assist in contemporary medicine?

Robotics and AI offer society unimaginable benefits from enabling wheelchair users to walk again, perform surgery in a highly automated and minimally invasive way, and deliver care more efficiently. AI for Healthcare Robotics explains what healthcare robots are and how AI empowers them in achieving the goals of contemporary medicine.

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AI for Immunology AI for Immunology

The bioscience of immunology has given us a better understanding of human health and disease. Artificial intelligence (AI) has elevated that understanding and its applications in immunology to new levels. Together, AI for immunology is an advancing horizon in health care, disease diagnosis, and prevention. From the simple cold to the most advanced autoimmune disorders and now pandemics, AI for immunology is unlocking the causes and cures.
Key features:
• A highly accessible and wide-ranging short introduction to AI for immunology
• Includes a chapter on COVID-19 and pandemics
• Includes scientific and clinical considerations, as well as immune and autoimmune diseases

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AI for Physics AI for Physics

Written in accessible language without mathematical formulas, this short book provides an overview of the wide and varied applications of artificial intelligence (AI) across the spectrum of physical sciences.

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