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Explorations in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning FreeBook

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is very much the defining technology of our time. This 178-page Free Book provides a valuable introduction to Machine learning, various ML approaches such as decision tree learning, hidden Markov Models, reinforcement learning, Bayesian networks, and also covers aspects of Deep Learning and how this relates to AI. Additionally, it contains valuable information on the advances that have been made in the field of Machine Learning and AI.

This FreeBook is made up of 7 chapters which have been taken from a variety of CRC Press titles. These chapters include:

An Introduction to Machine Learning
The Bayesian Approach to Machine Learning
A Revealing Introduction to Hidden Markov Models
Introduction to Reinforcement Learning
Deep Learning for Feature Representation
Neural Networks and Deep Learning
AI-Completeness: The Problem Domain of Super-intelligent Machi

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