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CRC Press, Taylor and Francis Group is proud to partner with American Academy of Forensic Sciences and is a supporter of the 2019-20 FSF/CRC Press Student Travel Grant and Book Prize to assist with travel expenses in attending the 2020 American Academy of Forensic Sciences (AAFS) Annual Scientific Meeting.

Congratulations to Sophia R. Mavroudas on being selected to receive this year's FSF/CRC Pres Student Travel Grant and Book Prize!

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John Lentini - Author of Scientic Protocol for Fire Investigation, Third Edition

G. Clark Davenport - Author of Remote Sensing Technology in Forensic Investigations: Geophysical Techniques to Locate Clandestine Graves and Hidden Evidence 

Katherine Ramsland - Author of The Psychology of Death Investigations: Behacioral Analysis for Psychological Autopsy and Criminal Profiling

Laura Pettler - Author of Crime Scene Staging Dynamics in Homicide Cases

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Mark Listewnik


Forensics & Criminal Justice, Homeland Security

Social Science

Mark Listewnik has been in reference and textbook book publishing for over 23 years. He acquires and publishes professional reference and leading textbook titles in Homeland Security and all areas of Forensic Science including: introductory texts, cold cases, investigations, fingerprints, toolmark and impression evidence, bloodstain pattern analysis, ballistics and firearms, forensic odontology, forensic pathology, medicolegal death investigation, forensic anthropology, fire debris analysis and investigation, explosives, trace evidence, forensic toxicology, drug analysis, DNA analysis, forensic chemistry, and microscopy.

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