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The Annual Review of Social Partnerships

An annual publication, freely available: all issues of the ARSP are free to down

The  ARSP is written for and by cross-sector social partnership (CSSP) academics and practitioners focusing on nonprofit, business, and public sectors, who view collaboration as key to solving social problems such as climate change, economic inequality, poverty, or biodiversity loss and environmental degradation. Published by an independent group of academics and practitioners since 2006, the ARSP bridges academic theory and practice with ideas about promoting the social good, covering a wide range of subjects and geographies surrounding the interactions between nonprofit, business and public sectors. Its aim is to inform, to share, to inspire, to educate, and to train. Building a global community of experts on CSSPs, be they from academia or practice, is the inherent motivation of the ARSP.

The  ARSP offers new directions for research, presents funded research projects, and provides published papers in a compilation, allowing researchers to familiarize themselves with the latest work in this field. The ARSP also captures and presents insights on partnerships from practitioners, enabling its readership to learn from the hands-on experiences and observations of those who work with and for partnerships.

Issues of the  ARSP are free to access online and can be downloaded directly. The publication is also included in Greenleaf Publishing’s eCollections.

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ARSP Structure

  • An annual publication
  • ISSN 2059-4291 (online) 2397-2084 (print)
  • OPEN ACCESS: all issues of the ARSP are free to download.

The ARSP has a Senior Management team that coordinates five sections. Each section has an associated Section Editor who is responsible for collecting and curating material, inviting contributions and coordinating submissions. They each work with a small team of (4-6) Associate Editors.

Editorial Advisory Board

Dr. M. May Seitanidi is the Editor-in-Chief.

Senior Editors are Verena Bitzer, Arno Kourula, Lea Stadtler, Jennifer S.A. Leigh, and Luclan J. Hudson. Senior Editors are responsible for coordinating several designated sections allowing for consistency across the sections.

Section Editors are Stella Pfisterer, Lea Stadtler, Greetje Schouten, Lucian J. Hudson, and Vivek Soundararajan.

Below are brief summaries for each section.

Publications. Editor: Stella Pfisterer ([email protected])
The Publications section of ARSP serves the community of researchers and practitioners working in the field of CSSPs by providing a state-of the-art review of recent literature in the field. The section provides three editorial commentaries on the development of the field, and lists academic journal articles, books, book chapters, research reports, and dissertations published within the past year.

Pedagogy. Editor: Lea Stadtler ([email protected])
The Pedagogy section provides reviews on relevant pedagogical materials and scholarship of teaching and learning resources to assist those teaching about CSSPs both inside and outside the academic classroom. These include, but are not limited to, innovative pedagogy, curriculum, course design, assessments, and exercises related to CSSPs.

Praxis. Editor: Lucian Hudson (please contact [email protected])
The Praxis section incorporates a range of initiatives and activities to help bridge the theory-practice divide in the field of cross-sector social interactions. The section identifies opportunities to build capacity for evidence-informed practice through innovative practitioner contributions and interviews, as well as highlighting events and providing reports on conferences and other partnership-related events.

Research. Editor: Greetje Schouten ([email protected])
This section highlights the leading edge of research and methodology on cross-sector partnerships. To bring readers closer to the current state of knowledge, the section profiles innovative research approaches and projects, and also hosts the ARSP Thought Gallery, where global thought and practice leaders are invited to share their reflection and commentary on the field.

Community. Editor: Vivek Soundararajan ([email protected])
The aim of this section is to build an active community of members comprising of research students, academics and practitioners working in the field of CSSPs by surfacing some of the debates that our community continuously deals with.

Editors Picks

Explorations at the Edge of Divides: Collective Creativity: Pixar & ARSP. 2015(10), 11-17.

May Seitanidi

Download from IngentaConnect

Designing Lessons on Cross-Sector Social Partnerships: A Starter Toolbox. 2015(10), 51-61.

Lea Stadtler and Adriane MacDonald

Download from IngentaConnect

How Partnerships Became the US Way. Interview with Jim Thompson. 2015(10), 108-110.

Lucian Hudson

Download from IngentaConnect

Constructing Collaborative Partnerships: Scope, Scale, Serendipity and Sabotage.2015 (10), 88-94.

Barbara Gray

Download from IngentaConnect

Volume 2018, Issue 13, December 2018

Annual Review of Social Partnerships

Issue 13

Section highlights include:

  • Publications: Collaborating for Our Future
  • Pedagogy: Uncovering Assumptions in CSPs: A Case Study
  • Research: Partnering as A Research Organization: A Balancing Act
  • Thought Gallery: Partnerships as Governance Mechanisms
  • Community: CSPs to Eradicate Human Exploitation

Volume 2017, Issue 12, November 2017

Annual Review of Social Partnerships

Issue 12

Section highlights include:

  • Pedagogy: Skillsets and Copentencies for Effective Cross-Sector Collaboration. Andriane MacDonald & Lea Stadtler
  • Thought Gallery: Think Like a System, Act Lick an Entrepreneur. Matthew Taylor, Rowan COnway & Ian Burbridge
  • Community: Multi-Stakeholder Initiatives: Journey and the Future. Bimal Arora

Volume 2016, Issue 11, September 2016

Annual Review of Social Partnerships

Issue 11

Section highlights include:

  • Publications: Responding to large system challenges. S. Waddell, NetworkingAction
  • Thought Gallery: Transformative pathways for global governance. B. Cashore, Yale University
  • Praxis: Business driving change in education. M. Collins & L. Van Rhyn, Partners for Possibility

Volume 2015, Issue 10, September 2015

Annual Review of Social Partnerships

Issue 11

Section highlights include:

  • Celebrating ARSP Volunteering, Readership & Cross-Sector Inspiration

Volume 2014, Issue 9, September 2014

Annual Review of Social Partnerships

Issue 9

Section highlights include:

  • Pedagogy: CSP skills for 21st century managers. J. Haertle
  • Thought Gallery: Trickle effects. A. Kolk
  • Community: Researchers' goals vs practitioner needs. S. Waddell

Volume 2013, Issue 8, October 2013

Annual Review of Social Partnerships

Issue 8

Sections include:

  • Publications
  • Pedagogy
  • Research
  • Events
  • Membership

Volume 2012, Issue 7, October 2012

Annual Review of Social Partnerships

Issue 8

Table of contents:

  • My Collaboration Journey
  • Beyond Partnerships
  • Cross Sector Partnerships from around the World
  • Cross Sector Partnerships from the Philippines
  • Cross Sector Partnerships for Development in Colombia
  • Building Successful Partnerships
  • Implementing Agenda 21
  • Partnership Publications
  • Partnership Pedagogy Resources
  • Collaborating to Empower Collaboration
  • Partnership Events - Practitioner
  • Partnership Events - Academics
  • UNPOP News
  • New Members
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