An Introduction to Audio Electronics Freebook

This FreeBook brings together chapters from across our range of books, providing your students with an introduction to various aspects of audio electronics, and an introduction to some of our key textbooks in the field for Faculty members. 

Chapter one, Electronic Fundamentals begins with a brief introduction to the scales, symbols and equations used in electronics. The chapter continues by addressing the  fundamental concepts of electronics, current, voltage and resistance. Chapter two, Electricity provides a solid framework for the development of an understanding of the  behaviour of electronic components and electrical circuits. Chapter three provides an introduction to the components most often used in audio electronics,and chapter four provides an overview of VCV Rack. VCV Rack is a standalone software, meant to emulate a modular Eurorack system.Chapter five,The Electronics of Microphones and Loudspeakers covers basic concepts of electronics useful for understanding microphones and speakers. Finally, chapter six explains electronic components, as well as the basics of analog and digital circuits.