Approaching Research for the First Time

This short collection offers students guidance on how to plan and write up their first research project, offering guidance and insight for what can be a challenging piece of work.

Taken from Proposing Empirical Research , the first chapter offers a brief introduction to the first steps in planning a research project. The Structure of a Research Report, taken from the bestselling Understanding Research Methods , provides an overview of the essentials of structuring a typical research report.

The third extract, taken from Using Sources Effectively , demonstrates the importance of improving your writing skills in order to get the most from your sources. Chapter four, Guidelines for Writing a First Draft, helps you find your way to putting all your work together into a report. Finally, taken from Evaluating Research in Academic Journals , chapter five gives you insights into key considerations you can use in your own report writing as well as areas to think about when evaluating other's work.

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