Audio Music Production Chapter Sampler

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1. Chapter 1, Audio and Acoustics - Sound and Recording By Francis Rumsey

2. Chapter 1, What Is Sound? Seven Important Characteristics - Audio Engineering 101: A Beginner's Guide to Music Production by Tim Dittmar

3. Chapter 4, Digital Audio Software: The Digital Audio Workstation - An Introduction to Music Technology by By Dan Hosken

4. Chapter 1,  A Typology of Collaborative Practices in Music Production - Coproduction by By Robert Wilsmore

5. Chapter 1, Why music and coding? - Introduction to Digital Music with Python Programming By Michael S. Horn, Melanie West, Cameron Roberts

6. Chapter 1,  Getting Started - Handmade Electronic Music By Nicolas Collins, Simon Lonergan

7.  Chapter 1,  Introduction - The Digital Musician By Andrew Hugill