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Author FAQs: Marketing

Q. How will my book be marketed?

Marketing and promotion of your book starts before publication. Marketing, editorial and production ensure that information about your book is fed to major distributors globally. This includes Amazon, Ingrams, Baker & Taylor, and Nielsen Book Data (which in turn feeds smaller booksellers and distributors). This ensures that your book appears on bookselling sites globally, and is promoted by our partners to libraries worldwide.

Your book is also included in catalogues which are distributed globally by our sales teams. This includes our ‘New Books’ quarterly catalogue and subject-specific catalogues, which are used by our sales teams to make customers aware of titles in their areas of interest. This can range from large-scale booksellers and distributors working across many different areas, to specialised bookshops, libraries or organisations that focus on a particular discipline.

Our marketing department is focused on particular customer segments so that we can match our content and services to the customer’s needs and interests. We have dedicated teams focussed on academic faculty, libraries, the societies to which they belong, and the corporations and other organisations where they work. Key activities include promotion of print and online resources to librarians, increasing the use of textbooks by instructors and students, and partnering with societies and organisations to support professional and personal development.

Q. How do I request a flyer for my book?

Taylor and Francis can produce flyers that highlight the unique attributes of your book. We can supply you with a PDF copy of your book flyer to share with your network. Here’s how we suggest you use this flyer:

  • Distribute your flyer to your colleagues, business associates, librarians, and co-workers who might be interested in using your book to further their research or purchasing it for their libraries.
  • If your book is an edited volume, send copies of the flyer to your contributors so that they can distribute it to their networks as well.
  • When you go to conferences, whether attending or speaking, take copies of your flyer with you and distribute it to audience’s keen to learn more.

To request a flyer, please contact [email protected]

Q. Do you send out review copies to key academic and professional journals?

Yes. We maintain contact with key journals and conduct research into emerging resources and publications. We regularly distribute a bulletin of new titles to publications on our database, ranging from academic journals to the general press.

If you have personal contacts who have expressed an interest in reviewing your book for a relevant publication, please ask them to complete our online request form at

Q. Will my book be sent to conferences?

We attend academic and professional conferences globally in key areas. We generally focus on marketing books at conferences in the first 1-2 years after publication. If you are attending one of our conferences, in most cases your book will be on display.

If you are attending a conference that we are not participating in please contact us, we are happy to produce flyers for you take along.

Q. How can I become a Featured Author on the website?

Taylor & Francis Featured Authors is a unique online initiative designed to enhance the marketing of your book. Author profiles on this dedicated section of our websites allow you to share information about your research and work, aggregate information from your social media networks, share news, and link to your blog or other sites to showcase your work. To learn more about the feature and start creating your profile, download these instructions. Should you have any queries regarding the program, or experience any issues whilst setting up your profile, please contact [email protected]. Click here for video guides on how to create your profile.

Q. I want to organise a book launch; how can Taylor and Francis help me with this?

In terms of support from Taylor and Francis, we would be able to send you one display copy of your book, up to 50 colour flyers and a show card (similar to a laminated poster) advertising the event.

If you would like to sell books at the event, you can purchase books through our dedicated sales teams by contacting the following mailboxes:

Are you an author based in Asia, Australia or New Zealand?

Read about how our local marketing teams can support you.

Author Directions: Navigating your success...

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As an author, you are empowered to take certain crucial steps that can help your book reach the right audiences and sell more copies. Read our advice for gaining better exposure for your book.

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