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Best-selling author Barbara R. Blackburn has taught early childhood, elementary, middle, and high school students and has served as an educational consultant for three publishing companies. In addition to speaking at state and national conferences, she also regularly presents workshops for teachers and administrators in elementary, middle, and high schools. She is the author of numerous bestselling books on rigor and motivation.

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The Beginner's Guide to Understanding Rigor

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Resources for Leaders

Communicate Effectively with Your School Board

Principal Center podcast appearance: Barbara Blackburn—Advocacy from A to Z

Principal Center podcast appearance: Barbara Blackburn—Rigor in Your School 2e

Building a BASE Education

Teaching Learning Leading K-12 podcast appearance: Barbara Blackburn—Advocacy from A to Z



What is Rigor? •  How to Increase Rigor in Your Classroom   •
 Student Motivation and Rigor   •   Rigor and Assessment   •   Rigor and Leadership













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