Behavior & Cognitive Psychtherapies in Practice Chapter Sampler Jacket

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This Chapter Sampler features excerpts from books exploring a variety of different CBT and behavioral psychotherapy techniques, featuring our bestselling authors, including the following:

1. Chapter 2. Fundamental Skills The Clinicians Guide to CBT Using Mind Over Mood by Christine A. Padesky

2. Chapter 2: The Core Principles of Behavioral Activation Behavioral Activation for Depression by Christopher R. Martell, Sona Dimidjian and Ruth Herman-Dunn

3. Chapter 3. Psychoeducation and Individualizing the Treatment Model Parent-Led CBT for Child Anxiety by Cathy Creswell, Monika Parkinson, Kerstin Thirlwall and Lucy Willetts

4. Chapter 4. Incorporating Client Strengths and Building Resilience Collaborative Case Conceptualization by Willem Kuyken, Christine A. Padesky and Robert Dudley

5. Chapter 3. Perfectionism across Psychopathology Cognitive-Behavorial Treatment of Perfectionism by Sarah J. Egan, Tracey D. Wade, Roz Shafran and Martin M. Antony

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