Chapter 12: The Needle of Hope

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In one of the most moving chapters from Beyond Persona, Mrs. Debora (Dvora) Kutzinski tells Lavinia Țânculescu about the time she endured in the Nazi concentration camps during her late teen years, as well as all the things that followed those terrible years and the ways in which these experiences shaped her personality and her entire life.

Kutzinski also discusses the professional relationship she had with Dr. Eric Neumann and his wife, as well as her analytic work with first-, second-, and third-generation Holocaust survivors and the differences in working with each generation.

The interview covers many topics, from food and hunger; to love and letting go; to trust, patience, and hope; to aggression and how to manage it; to sexuality; and to working in analytic practice for sixty-three years (at the time of the interview) and wanting to work as an analyst until her death.

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